Cycling Thread 4.0

Bought. Easiest purchase ever tbh

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Can’t frigging get it from there to my kindle app on phone tho. Dunno what I’m doin wrong ffs

I don’t know what I just bought - are they e comics?

Some are comics, some are ebooks.

I’m pretty sure kindle only lets you read stuff you bought through amazon unless anyone knows a workaround on this?

Send to Kindle. I figured it out, or rather they emailed me… You need to add the humble email address to approved senders in your personal document settings, and then wing the lot over by email. They’ll all then appear in your library.

Ah OK thats really cool, will give that a try myself thanks!

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Hmm. No mention of it on the Cycling UK site as far as I can find.

Bet it’s hilly.

Something strange has happened and now I ride in the drops all the time, almost as default position. Never used to for more than about 10 seconds at a time.

Can only assume this is due to all the indoor training I’ve done, but I don’t do that in the drops, if anything I don’t bother holding the bars at all for long periods

If I were to saw the drops off my road bike, I probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

That doesn’t make sense. If I were to saw them off, I’d notice because I’d remember doing it. If someone ELSE were to saw them off…

I always knew you were a cadel evans.

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alright phil gaimon

So I just did 25 mins on zwift, the first of any real exercise since I broke my collarbone. The physio did approve it but it was a little bit uncomfortable/painful and now the inside of my sling is damp from sweat :weary:

Although my shoulder is increasingly less painful every day now I’ve opted for surgery, which is currently booked in for Thursday next week. They needed a 2 week lead up for pre-op test and covid swabs etc. Longest 2 weeks ever. I have two specialists disagreeing with whether I needed surgery or not, and it is close to a 50/50 decision for me. But after doing a tonne of reading on it I want surgery to guarantee it heals well and I’m not risking future muscle related issues.


OK ticked off a few firsts today.

Longest ride, tick (just pipping my homage to niki the other month).
Rode over Tower Bridge, tick.
Rode over London Bridge, tick.
Rode over Westminster Bridge while some bloke I passed got really excited telling his mate about the ending of Spectre, tick.
Rode over Blackfriars Bridge, tick (getting a bit desperate here).
Rode in a big old thunderstorm, tick.
Rode in a big old hailing thunderstorm, tick.
Went to Putney, tick.

Looking at my Strava it suggests that if I want to descend a hill really fast there’s nothing like having lightning flashing around you at the top to motivate you. And I broke my own PB for climbing the Lordship Lane climb to the Horniman, because it was hailing and I really badly wanted to get home fast.

But I did have a nice lunch in St James’s Park with a sweet baby getting bottle fed on the next bench and a load of lovely old geese and ducks eyeing up my food. And I nearly got to Kew Gardens, but I didn’t, because I didn’t think I had time to get there and get home.

Just about thawed out now. Cycling is for mad people.


Hello cycling lads and ladettes, ahead of a (fingers crossed) moved to a cycling oriented place, I just started casually looking at how much a Christiania bike (or one of those ones with a big bucket for kids at the front) costs and fuck me! It’s as much as a car! Are there cheaper options? Good second hand routes?

On a similar but different vibe, where’s good for getting a basic fixie (the place is flat and I figure it would be good exercise). Just look at second hand shops when I’m there or are there good places online, or just the usual suspects like eBay?

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IT’S NOT A… ok