Cycling Thread 4.0

Biggest ride so far today! Discovered that my previous Glasgow to Edinburgh was just under 100km so had to rectify that by going down to Portobello beach at the end.

Pizza at the beach definitely made it worth the extra distance!


Is it the lovely pink hue genesis

Jealousy can be such a poisonous emotion, try to let go of it.

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That’s £800 of my inheritance right there! And bear in mind this is a 75 year-old, transitioning from a hybrid, two years after he came off his bike on a bit of ice in Norfolk and fucked his collarbone.

Oh that’s nice haha! Does he know what to do with it? :eyes:

He rides it in circles around his house.

Like father like son.

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Final update : don’t do this.

As far as I can tell m10 bolts have the wrong pitch (1.25mm) for dérailleurs (1mm) so I have definitely ruined the hanger.


oh bummer. you’ll be able to get a fine pitch M10 from a hardware shop though.

1.25 is the standard. I’m after specialist under the counter bolts now. taps nose

Now I’m in the wonderful world of derailleur hangers. I thought bottom brackets were bad.


is that next to carpet wise?


What bike is it?

AFAIK the most popular online hanger shop is just a bloke/woman with a…forge? or whatever it is that smelts metal. you can send them a photo of your hanger and they’ll tell you what you need or even make a bespoke one for you.

because it would be far too convenient for bike manufacturers to actually supply them in bulk, that would be ridiculous.

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bought the kask mojito, I like it. there is actually a big difference in quality between a 40 quid helmet and a 100 quid one.

however now my shoe ratchet is failing :pensive: I love these shoes, don’t want a new pair just want them to last forever.

I’ve had a mojito for the last few years. It’s been great but it got smashed in my crash though so might well he claiming for it, along with all the knackered bike bits, on my house insurance.

is buying a replacement hanger complicated? nah nah, just send a picture to this blacksmith and they’ll get you one knocked up in no time


That’s 2021 for you. Carbon fiber this and space age technology that. Oh, you need to contact a blacksmith to get a very important piece of kit sorted if it breaks


Love my mojito - best helmet I’ve had

Gonna get a peaked cask helmet for when I’m getting rad at some point

Just been for a ride in the woods - bumped into my mate who has 4 x kids in tow so I rode with them for a bit

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When I took my crash bike into the shop and said first thing is a new hanger. He’s like “what’s the bike? Ooh, specialized?” Their hangers are all different. Can you work out which one it is and order it? Then we’ll take a look at the rest of it." Ta!

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For indie businesses that bang on a lot about encroachment from online business and the dying of the high street, local bike shops aren’t half an unhelpful bunch of difficult to deal with misanthropes