Cycling Thread 4.0

Totally. And this was me walking in one week after breaking my collarbone, wearing a sling, and he’s asking me to check and source a new hanger for him.

By the time I felt strong enough to remove the old hanger to check it out I’d had an op, then it was another 3 weeks before I felt good enough again. So a total of 6 weeks had passed

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Some are great though.

But generally… Yeah.

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Also soon to be on newhelmetbook - ordered an Endura Pro SL for the #aerogains. Been cutting about in a £10 lid since I started cycling, was definitely due an upgrade :laughing:

quite like the look of those

Yeah they get great reviews. Potentially not brilliant cooling-wise, but I get a cold head easily so I’m not fussed. Wanted black but the great Everything Bike Shortage of the Pandemic put paid to that. White will do fine.

going back to my old job at the other distillery on the island next month, although in a slightly promoted role as senior tour guide. who cares about that, because instead of a 2 hour commute there and back in the car every day it’s 15 minutes at most, and that puts me square in cycling to work territory. 8.5 miles and 260m of elevation for the round trip, involving one of my favourite hills on the island. 9.30-5.30 working day instead of 24-hour shift work bollocks, so apart from the dark winter hours I’ll be able to go out cycling before or after work as my heart desires. Just commuting? I’ll take the Cannondale. Fancy turning the commute into a big spin? I’ll take the Tarmac. Fancy a slightly longer detour via the forestry tracks? That’s what the gravel bike is for. I’m a lazy person fundamentally (and hate cycling in the rain) so I don’t expect to cycle every day, but the potential is making me so happy right now :smiley:


That’s sounds amazing. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to ride that every day. That said the biggest problem is if the weather’s bad, or you’re hungover,. But you nearly always regret not riding when youre stood waiting at the bus stop, or stuck in a traffic queue


I really miss my commute. Even through shitty London :weary:


Yeah mileage wise it’s easy, I suspect any limitations will be weather and “want extra 15 minutes in bed” related. Traffic queues are definitely not an issue on this commute, unless there’s a tractor on the road :smiley:


Where to start. Planned a 40 mile ride round Essex, and was thwarted ten minutes in by my first puncture,on tubeless rims which I haven’t changed before. If you’ve ever tried to remove them, you’ll know how bleeding annoying it can be. This was at 7am, in Chingford, in what was already hot morning sun. I got the tube changed eventually, but as I rode there was a distinct chug chug coming from somewhere and even after reseting the rim it was still fucked. Found a bike mech who kindly fixed it for me (front derailleur was off apparently) and I set out again, on what Komoot called a ‘gravel ride’. It wasn’t, it was full on thru Epping clay mudfest (yes even today there’s still some about). Ten minutes later and both the front AND rear tyres have punctures. Someone really didn’t want me to ride today. Anyway not all heroes wear capes - Alex C gallantly brought his van and lovely missus over and picked me up, where we detoured for a coffee and sandwich as by this point I was in tears with the heat and frustration. Then Alex says why don’t we go and pick up your mtb and have a small Epping sesh. The day was saved and I’m no longer a snivelling mess.


Needless to say, you had the last laugh.


It’s in to be converted fully to tubeless now.

It’s fine fixing punctures on standard rims, if a little annoying, but this was next level. My tire lever snapped ffs.

It really depends on the tyre / rim combo. Both sets of wheels I use are tubeless and they’re easy to get clinchers on and off of. Unlike the absolute bastard stock Triban wheels which I had to get rid of.

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Carbon wheel

it’s at this point every year that i wish i owned some spd sandals

Sorry, saw your reply on Friday but I think I was in a meeting or something and totally forgot to come back to reply. That wouldn’t have even occurred to me, I assume then that disc brakes were aimed at mountain bikers first then? I doubt there are many mountain bike shops around here but I’ll have a look.

I’ve found a few more people discussing what appears to be the same problem, this seems like the most plausible explanation of what might be happening (and it’s on a mtb forum): Mechanical Rear Disc Brake Consistant Failure....but why? | Mountain Bike Reviews Forum . Most of the discussions are pretty old, not sure if that’s significant.

I’m a real wanker now mummy


I’m getting into bike packing everyone!

A kit spreadsheet has been started🤓




Yeah I’m going bivvy