Cycling Thread 4.0

My gravel bike came with Riddlers (37mm) which were very good. Now replaced with Panaracer Gravel Kings (also 37mm) which are excellent. In other tyre news, just got Continental Gatorskins (25mm) for the commuting/winter road bike.

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Bikeinn are based in Spain so you might get stung with delivery / customs (?) charges, but yeah that’s a great price

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also used to do gravel in these, but eventually swapped them for a pair of more MTB-style pedals. Still use these on the commuter/winter road bike.

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ya know I did have a feeling they weren’t local. I’ll see if I can get them nearer. If not, plenty of other tyres, like the Schwalbes above

I had gatorskins on my commuter for years and they were great

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Ooh Gravel kings, there’s an option. And they’re available at a good price in all the sizes for a change.

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Talk to me about foldy bikes.

Are alternatives as good as Bromptons? Is there anything under 600-700 quid that will last and be good?

As a Brompton owner only I find other makes aren’t as easy to fold, and tend to be heavier. Have to say I bought into the ‘Brompton are so light’ marketing hook line and sinker and am frequently reminded my gravel bike is actually lighter… Or maybe the weight is just distributed differently when not all folded up.

Anyway. I love my Brompton, but I love it slightly less now I’ve become a full bike wanker. Still appreciate why it’s an amazing feat of engineering tho.

The only alternatives I know of are more spendy that Bromptons: Terns and Dahons.

Raleigh do some folding bikes but they are really heavy, nearly 15kg! Some at Decathers too. I would say try and get a second hand Brompton perhaps.

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My commute is going to be 3.5km from house to station, busy train over the peaks then 7km from station to work.

So only realistic options are cycle to the station, then tram in Manchester. Or get a foldy bike and cycle both sides.

Might see if I can hire a Brompton for a couple of weeks and see how I get on with it

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What I will say is the Brompton are super resilient, and can handle A LOT. Before I got a non folding bike I was taking that baby off road through forest and all sorts.

If you’ve got even a little bit of power in your legs too they’re better than you think uphill. Sure, you have to get out of the saddle but you really benefit from the small wheels.

this is quite old (and no idea if the price is right) but… Brompton M3E folding Bike | eBay

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Thanks. Also anything pops up on your London nerd group let me know


Just had a look. The last Brompton that came up was a lightly used 3 speed, and went for £700 with loads of extras. Was snapped up very quickly.

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Yeah if that sort of deal came up I’d happily jump on it

There should be a new bike hire scheme in Manchester at some point that hopefully won’t be as dreadful as Mobikes. Being docked should mean fewer of them go straight into the canal.

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Our LBS just started stocking these and they look pretty good. Small, electric, folding and not breaking the bank at 1.5k, though obv more expensive than a non-electric folding. Way cheaper than Terns but don’t do quite as much. Depends what you need


I hate these arguments. Just the idea that there is a linear, ordered set of priorities and it’s only possible to work your way through the list one at a time. Don’t even consider that the reason the things they highlight aren’t being done isn’t because the money is being used on stuff like this.


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