Cycling Thread 4.0

Without wanting to be cheeky, because I’m sure I will work this out when I can be arsed, but does anyone have any idea what might be causing my once per revolution noise issue with my front brake? It happens even if I’m applying proper pressure so I doubt it’s down to the rim being bent or the brakes being off centre.

Without being cheeky, how do you know it’s coming from the brake?

Is it disc or rim?

Rim, and my logic is that it only happens when I’m applying the brake


It’s going to end up just being a piece of mud on my rim, I bet!

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Yeah, some imperfection somewhere on the rim or the pad

You can also dump a load of wd40 into the brake levers if you feel like it as well, that’s always fun

And callipers, but be careful not to contaminate the braking surfaces

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Yeah in my heart I know the answer is: clean and oil your bike. But this is not something I’m enthusaistic about doing in the current weather conditions.


It’s had a new front derailleur after the first three(?) times it happened but it keeps doing it. He had a fiddle and realigned everything again yesterday but then it went almost immediately.

He reckons the big ring isn’t letting go properly, which is why it all keeps getting mangled up. The first time it happened [a different] shop found the big ring was bent (whether it was cause or effect, who knows) and straightened it out but if it’s still a bit on the piss, it could well be the problem I suppose.

Feeling absolutely miserable being injured. A week after straining my left calf muscle, today I tried a very easy cycle on the trainer & managed 30 minutes at 25% (!) of my functional threshold power. The calf held up ok with a couple of twinges, but going that easy felt painfully frustrating. Such a massive mismatch between what my calf is able to do and what the rest of my body wants :frowning: Still, I have to start somewhere, and I’ll keep doing easy rides for the next week, gradually upping the duration and intensity, then see where I am in 7 days.


Right lads, my bike which I got from Argos in 2014 and was only meant to be for while I get used to cycling on London roads is officially knackered. She had a good run. I have a cycle to work scheme so am looking for what best suits my needs and the best option.

I cycle around when I can (i.e. if I know I won’t be drinking) and to the office but that’s only every now and again currently. I don’t do any big big bike rides like some of you do (maybe one day!) so will purely be for city use. One thing I am aware of is that I am about to move to Sydenham in SE London which is VERY hilly so something quite robust in that respect will be a must.

I am going in pretty blind in all of this so any suggestions most welcomed. Thought about becoming full electric bike wanker before realising how much they cost.

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Until you mentioned the hills bit I’d have said fixie/single speed.

What sort of budget did you have in mind, and what sort of bike do you have at the moment? Are you drop/flat handlebars?

Double check what the scheme is, there are a few. The main one (CycleScheme) is accepted by most places but the Halfords one (Cycle2Work) is more limited, though they do at least have a database now of independent places that’ll accept them. Also check the limit, employers are now able to set it to higher than £1000 if they want. Not sure if you’ll be wanting to spend that much but it’s good to know if that’s a hard limit.

One good bit of news is bike stock is at the best it’s been since before the pandemic and some prices have even gone down recently.

My instant thought would be something like this. It wouldn’t be very light (worth considering if you’ll be storing it upstairs) but you could remove the racks and kickstand if you wanted. The hub gears and disc brakes should be really low maintenance and hardy to miserable weather.


it’s not that bad!!! if you need to go into town, i recommend taking the scenic route via the waterlink way / surrey canal path via peckham. no hills and it spits you out at london bridge.

otherwise the hills up to crystal palace are really great exercise!


I did them a couple of weeks ago in driving rain. They’re great when the weather is good but my oh my was my love of bikes tested that day :smiley:

My feet were squelching when I got off.

i couldn’t rate genesis bikes more highly - i have three :smiley:


I’ve not seen that model of Genesis before and it looks pretty useful, especially for general use commuting, front and rear rack, guards, hub gear … nice bike

finally ordered a gravel bike… expected dispatch date 24th march… so long away :cry:



had been eying up a titanium Ribble bike for ages but my work’s cycle2work scheme is quite miserly (under £1k - obvs a lot of money in general but not really when you have the ability to save such a huge amount) so when i saw the current sale price of their 725 steel gravel i went for it

so fucking excited. luckily i have all the bikepacking gear i need from 2020 when i did loads of cycling so i’m already planning UK weekend rides and a trip to France to do a few days in Normandy over the summer. hopefully this is the big boost i’ve needed to get back in the saddle more permanently.




Ooh! Probably gonna get one of these but the aluminium frame in orange.

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