Cycling Thread 4.0

Nooooiiice. Love the blue and orange colouring. Great price too…

Hitting the muddy bridleways/getting home and seeing the state of your bike


My poor bike is creaking out of every single joint at the moment. Almost feel guilty enough to give it a clean at the weekend

Hoping all the mud dries out and just falls off on the way to work tomorrow. Will give it a clean on Sunday, reluctantly.

Mine looks pretty flexible

Please note that you will not be entitled to select more than 5% of your gross annual salary and the maximum you can select is £4,000.

This benefit is provided by Cycle Solutions and is available all year round, providing you do not have an existing 12 month Cycle to Work commitment in place.

Will have a look when I get a sec, thanks!

Current one is very basic, only 3 gears. Flat handlebars.

You’re a pro though!! :smile:

I live in Sydenham and agree with @plasticniki that it really isn’t that hilly. The steepest climb is up to Crystal Palace which I do occasionally but even then I do reps and I do them on a bog standard ridgeback commuter bike. The ride into central London can be pretty much flat although there are direct routes with a bit of climbing in.

Your main concern should probably be the state of the roads.

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One left in an XL of this slightly different model at a very good price, they’ve got a couple of shops round London. Most places won’t let you use c2w for sale bikes because they have to pay fees which takes a lot of their margin. I’d buy mudguards with it and get them to fit them because that’s a ballache of a job.

@Matt_was_taken might be able to say if Genesis XL is suitable for the very tall.

Managed 30 minutes at just over 50% intensity today, so I have officially progressed to managing a long rest interval :sweat_smile: Nevertheless, I think progress is going well. It’s not even been two weeks yet and I really really miss cycling :frowning:


Never sat on a genesis so of no real help :frowning:

Would deffo recommend sitting on them before committing as the guides/measurements only tell part of the story.

Some sizing can be cured/aided with a longer seat post or change of stem, which are relatively cheap parts.

It’s not just about your inseam - but your reach and being comfy in different positions etc

In a fit of madness I’ve signed up to the Isle of Man UCI Gran Fondo. 137km, 2300m elevation, 125km of which is on closed roads.

I might actually have to ‘train’ for this :confused:


Sounds great, I tend to think of 1000M elevation per 100km as average for the UK so 2300 over 137 should be a workout :slight_smile: closed roads will be lovely. Enjoy and look forward to reading your write up of the event.



I’ve also FINALLY become a clipped in wanker. Three days on the trot I’ve commuted into work. Almost wobbled off this morning as I went over something and heard this almighty bang, and thought my tire had blown out - and then promptly forgot I was clipped in and started wobbling over, but managed to unclip just in time.


guys i’ve only ridden my bike once so far this year :confused: and not sure how i feel about it

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you’ve been getting super into working out more generally though haven’t you? also remember it’s january and shitttttt weather and cold and all the rest of it. i’ve done quite a bit but most of that has been pointless commutes.

i’m also struggling at the moment because i’ve tw: diet put on a bit of weight and i feel it’s really slowed me down on the bike, and made me a bit miserable.

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August 2017. Feel fine about it.

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Life changes, priorities change


My mate has a Ribble and I’m very envious, especially as I don’t like my Cannondale that much. And the titanium gravel bikes look particularly sexy. I will own my Cyclescheme bike in 4 years and maybe then I’ll look at upgrading to a Ribble, although I doubt I’ll be able to justify it as my bike is perfectly fine. I guess it depends on how much I could sell my old bike for versus the massive discount you get on a cycle scheme.

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I :two_hearts: my Ribble Ti gravel bike

(Just wish I could actually ride it at the moment)


soon come.

Dunno, it either doesn’t seem to be healing very well or I keep tweaking it. Going to the doc tomorrow as I don’t really know what to do at this stage

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