Cycling Thread 4.0

Used to park my bike in the loading bay in my old shop. Walking through the shop on those tiles was interesting. Decked it a couple of times. Can get cleat covers (think Look call them Café Covers or something), but yeah, can be dangerous

god yeah, they’re so slippery on smooth surfaces

i’ve managed to get 2 sets of look cleat covers. i’m unlikely to ever need them both… let me know if you want them posted over (anyone)

nb: i cant ever be arsed to carry either set with me, just deal with skippy floors like a horizontal boss

i had to get some cleat covers for walking up and down my close stairs

almost decked it too many times

Just completed a 40 mile bike.

Absolutely finished. Longest ride in about seven years.


next lot of those £50 fix yr bike vouchers are now available apparently

Just went through and registered and got through really far and have seen this:

I don’t have this ID, no bike fixed for me :frowning:

urgh :frowning_face:

might be worth nabbing one anyway? a nice bike shop might be willing to look the other way perhaps

I can only get to a Halfords, reckon they’re more likely to be officious about it :-1:

Should probably just learn how to look after my own bike and stop being scared of it.

can i ask a really stupid question about chain wear tools?

the chain has been on my bike for fucking months, about 8000km of use. i have a lifeline essential chain wear tool. the .75% wear indicator doesn’t sit in the links at all (indicating it hasn’t worn .75%), but the 1.00% side does fit in. has it worn that much? (i was under the impression if it had worn by 1% the .75% side would fit in too)

conicidentally i snapped a chain for the first time yesterday

I’ve never managed this scenario before. Is the tool marked up wrong maybe?

that’s what i thought. can’t really remember. does the 1% fit in really easily? might be so worn that 0.75 no longer fits.

at that point i’m not sure if it’s worth replacing just the chain. iirc once it gets to that point it means your cassette is already worn out and if you put a brand new chain on, it won’t mesh with the worn out cassette and will jump around and wear out really quick. not sure though.

yeah, though I will double check again tomorrow. tbh I’ve just seen if i can lift the chain off the big chainring and see daylight underneath and i very much can, so i think i’ve answered my own question :roll_eyes:

i suppose i should buy that 34 tooth cassette now

My chain tool (Park) has 0.5% (think about changing) and 0.75% (very worn and probably need to change the cassette. I’ve not used a 1% but that’s well beyond the limit but can’t think why it won’t fit in the 0.75%.

I think I get somewhere between 2000-3000 km out of a chain on the geared bike depending on weather and type of riding, I reckon it’s safe to say that at 8000km it’s gone as is the cassette. There is an argument for carrying on and using them both as the cassette is already worn out, it could impact on the chainrings but these wear much more slowly.

yeah, don’t want this to happen as i have a silly fsa modular chainset and replacement rings are like £100 each :grimacing: (new cassette and chain should be arriving in the next couple of days)

So I packed in the fags three weeks ago, and I think I’m noticing a difference on hills? Not getting half as breathless…


Took ruthless advantage of tonight’s downtime at work, brought in my gravel bike’s wheels and repaired both punctures (I say repair, I just installed new inners 'cos I’m lazy). I hate hate hate taking off/putting on tires because I’m incompetent, but I think I might have done it successfully. Might try installing some new winter tires on the old road bike on Thursday night’s shift. Take that, the man!

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What are you gonna go for?

My recommendations are Michelin Pro4 Endurance, or Jack Brown Mile Munchers.

Posted this on Twitter earlier and it’s possibly my most liked tweet ever. m+ are a bitch to fit unless you’ve generous rims :joy:


My BiL had a spare set of fetching retro Raleigh tanwalls going, so I’m going to try those first. The old road bike had slicks, so the plan is to switch that over to bad weather tyres permanently.