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I often have an issue with bad rimming


putting tyres on can be actually one of the hardest bits of bike maintenance imo, if it’s tight then it requires so much physical strength you’re always worried something else is gonna break or go wrong.

i’d far rather eg. tune up a rim brake, than have to change a tyre, most of the time.

I can recommend one of these though, a bit expensive, but reckon i’ve got my €14 worth from it in reducing red raw hands alone

I reckon this is definitely a case of a bad tyre / rim combo. It’s astonishing when you find a good match: literally you can push tyres on with your fingers, no tyre levers even required (Rubino Pros and any Hunt wheels are an excellent match).

ffs - one of these:

there is a much cheaper one available on amazon

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yeah the Pirellis i have at the moment literally slide on. sorry!! :flushed:

i have one of these

similar thing

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Thanks folks, it’s nice to know it’s not (just) incompetence on my part and I’ll look into these labour saving devices. Tyre pressure still holding, looks like I’ve done it right this time :crossed_fingers:


Anyone used Smoove lube?

latest in the gravel bike saga: something has gone horribly wrong with the rear mech and hanger since taking the back wheel off and I can’t get it working again. But thanks to your advice I’ve quelled my frustrations, stepped back and am taking it to my BiL tomorrow. If he can’t fix it, the professionals can have a look. Gravel bike plans ruined, I did a Zwift race instead then ventured out into the rain and hail on the old road bike. It felt amazing, like meeting up with an old friend after years apart. Definitely switching to 54/30 on the new bike now and reuniting with my beloved old gear ratios. Now feeling better about myself after a frustrating week of bike stress and frustration - riding them is the most important thing, and everything else is a bonus :slight_smile:


guys, don’t buy £35 Diadora winter cycling boots. they’ll fall apart.

you can see the tread coming away from the sole here:

that’s happened to literally every part of the shoe. they’re being held together with glue. time to buy some not-falling-apart ones i think

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You found a nice place to stop at least.


is it the norm that costas in petrol stations don’t do tea? had to have a terry’s chocolate orange hot chocolate. what a treat 200km into a 225km ride!


Shimano winter boots are extremely hard wearing in my experience

yep, pleased with my shimano shoes so i think i’ll get their boots too


a quick thing to check is that the wheel is fully seated in the dropouts. it’s really easy to have it slightly off and it can throw a bunch of stuff out. done it myself more than once.

failing that, hope the shop / BiL gets it sorted


I’ve got shimano, the elastic ankle… cuff(?) split fairly quickly but my mate had a newer model of the same and the cuff looks a bit tougher.

if you buy them at the end of the season they are LOADS cheaper. but completely useless until next winter.

Yeah, my BiL got it sorted fine. It was a combination of the newly installed back brake not being set up right ('cos I’d adjusted the old worn brakes so much) which made the wheel hard to get into the brakes and seat properly which got the mech and hanger all confused. Trivial for him!

And just to end the saga, when I went to get my bike out of his shed this morning, I turned the handle the wrong way and locked the shed. He’s at work and has the keys. Honestly, shoot me now :man_facepalming: :upside_down_face:


throw the shed in the canal


Think I need some thicker gloves. Fingers were fine, if a bit numb as I was going along. Stopped briefly after about 40 minutes and suddenly felt like they were going to drop off.

Any reasonably priced recommendations?

I have some Madison Avalanche gloves - really good and well-reviewed:

They’re about £20 if you shop around (I got mine for less than a tenner in a sale) - Freewheel has them listen as womens gloves (but they’re just gloves!!!) for some reason.