Cycling Thread 4.0

We seen the new Adidas cycling shoes?

Look nice, but pricey.

they look like sambas

As someone who wears copa mundial football boots to play football, I’m all in

won’t buy them of course

Yeah, I’m a copa/world cup man too

This is well skill


Fair enough. On that recommendation I’ve just bought a pair from Freewheel. And some chain degreaser*. Cos the gits wouldn’t let me collect from my LBS for some reason, and I wasn’t wanting to pay £5 for delivery of a £23 pair of gloves (and then, to add insult to injury, the degreaser was showing as available for click and collect).

*(it was that or the Genesis Flyer 2019 down to £450 that keeps haunting me with its turquoise temptations.)

Really on the verge of almost buying this

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:slight_smile: It’s an almost a weekly calling for me. Really not getting maximum utility out of my completely decent but aggravatingly two-tone grey CdF 20 (I know I’ve griped about this before, but y’know). Would swap it for a the 2019 Flyer and that yellow Brixton if it were as easy as clicking my (SOON TO BE SNUGLY GLOVED!) fingers. Feel like the Brixton would open the door to things like kid seats and trailers, etc - drops don’t really lend themselves to that sort of caper.

Really fancy having a BMX again, too. Miss my yellow Hoffmann. Mmmmm, yellow.

CW: indoor cycling chat :wink:


Decided not to carry on with Trainer Road in the end. The combination of winter and difficult work schedules mean I’ve hardly got any time for cycling, and I was finding myself dreading the TR workouts instead of looking forward to getting a cycle in. Silly how my brain works:

60 or 90-minute sweet spot workout: ugh, so much effort, I’ll be knackered, CBA

Zwift race spend almost entirely at or above threshold pace: aye, sounds fun, sign me up

I think it’s partly the (sort-of) human interaction of the race (plus the competition!) but also the fact that I’m not stuck at a given wattage for set length of time; overall the race might be harder but I can ease off at safe moments, hide in the draft etc. If I had more time I’d stick with TR (and would potentially go back if I did) but for now I just like doing races or riding around at my own pace. Signed up for a free trial of BKool next, to see what their large library of famous routes/climbs is like. Plus my Wattbike app has a reasonable library of workouts, so if the urge takes hold I can use that or indeed Zwift.

Elsewhere, it’s a nice-ish weather forecast this weekend for the first time in ages, so hopefully gravel Saturday and road Sunday, maybe even a proper group ride if I can get out of bed early enough :wink: :crossed_fingers:

went out for a ride this morning (very short, local) only to remember as soon as i got to the end of my road that something’s up with my front brake (again). i was meeting a friend, so went to tell her i had a mechanical. on the way there was thinking “oh it’s not too bad” but needing to stop at various lights / junctions meant there was no way i could continue as i could barely stop. anyway. front brake again, hydros.has gone from being perfectly fine to absolutely no stopping power, pull the lever all the way to the bars and there’s no bite in one full swoop. i’ve bunged it in the shop; i assume it needs a bleed and that i did a shite job of bleeding it when i did it a couple of months ago?

i hate road bike disc brakes

(this is what kept happening to mine and no shop could fix it so I had to buy and fit a whole new brake, the new one is better but not amazing).

it’s quite scary how it went from being totally fine not totally not fine without any warning.

sounds like a leak, but if so then there’d be a puddle of fluid somewhere…

yeah, exactly. slightly worried something’s fucked, but i really hope not.

There’d be a puddle of fluid somewhere if my brakes failed I tell you that much.


turned out it just needed a bleed and new pads and my local bike shop had it done a couple of hours after i dropped it off :+1:

hope so!

without being a negative dick that’s what they always said for mine, without fail. then a month later it failed again. your brakes seem to have actually been working properly beforehand though so there’s a difference there…

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yours are SRAM, right? they seem to be a bit more tempramental from what I can see… maybe (please, really don’t want to have no brakes when I’m halfway through a fucking 200 or something)

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