Cycling Thread 4.0

There was the time I exploded a tyre and was out without my phone and had to walk 7km back home in cleats, I regretted that.

Also when I properly bonked for the only time ever with 6km of a climb to go and 20km to home, that was awful. Was happy when I got home though.

Need to get some evening zwifting done but cbaaaaaaaaa at the moment

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Well that worked, cheers both! Bit mizzly out to be fair, but not too bad. Stupidly signed myself up to a Strava challenge yesterday which requires me to do three activities a week, only I didn’t notice they all have to be at least half an hour. So I have conned myself into staying out longer.

When I set my 1000 mile in the year target I assumed I’d do most of it in the summer, so as a result I set myself really low targets for January (50 miles) and February (40 miles). Already at 61, so could build myself quite a nice buffer if the weather doesn’t get too shit.


Did @plasticmike ever get his saddle sorted?




Ugh it’s wet out there. So obviously I went even further than I normally do. Think I might have earned myself a day off tomorrow if the weather’s as shit.


I need a new front derailleur, and tbh, possibly a new back one

my bike is 21 speed? 3 front, 8 back

how do I figure out which derailleurs are the right ones?

I did a bit of a google and it’s confusing


So actually how many speeds your bike is is determined by how many sprockets your cassette has. Yours has eight. So you need an eight speed derailleur. Generally I would say you’d swap like for like as long as it’s not really old. Is there some branding on it? Shimano?

Before doing that though, what’s wrong with it? Have you tried removing it and taking it apart and giving it a good clean?

Agree with niki, what’s the problem with them. If you’re having difficulty changing and indexing gears then the first thing to look at is the cables (inner and outer). On the rear derailleur you can change jockey wheels if they are worn out. Apologies if you’ve ruled these things out already.

OK so I figured that if I’m planning on riding a lot this year I should probably hand over the meagre subscription fee to Strava. Also updated some of my settings for weights and things and now it appears to be estimating my power output. I don’t know anything about power outputs, but I suspect this, from my ride today, is not terribly impressive.

I guess it’s nice to have room to improve :smiley:

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I really hate the estimated power outputs. Wish you could turn them off.

Here’s me earlier enjoying a probably not local ride.


I can get quite nerdy about things like that so I’m fine with it. It’s caused me to read a load of articles about burning fat and also revealed to me that I could have powered that ride on the one mini Babybel I’ve just eaten!

Will have to abandon my boring laps on Monday as I need to go to Crystal Palace to pick up my mum’s birthday present, so it’ll be interesting to see how my figures look on the climb.

Slightly annoyed that I thought today’s ride would take me to 100 miles so far this year. Turns out I’ve still got another couple of miles to go, but I am way way ahead of the schedule I thought I’d be able to manage this year, which is pleasing. I think I might now love my thermal cap more than the wife that gave it to me.

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Here’s me and Pal. (Pip)


why do cats always show you their arse?

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They know what @tilty’s in to


Today marks 110 miles for the year so far. Happy with that.


Good bloody going for 2 weeks of January imo


Nice going. 114.2 for me here, after a 16 mile jobbie this morning, making my 67 miles this week my highest weekly total since I first started using my Garmin back in 2016. I think I deserve a break so after my Crystal Palace trip tomorrow I think my old tank is due a trip to the bike shop for a service.

Now up to 133!.

Well done you. Love that this thread is here to Motivate each other. #competewitheachother

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I have done about 3 and a half so far this year! Woo! Was really achey the next day too, weirdly.

It’s either been too wet or too icy since I last went out. Tomorrow might be the day for a spin though.

374km, sorry which is actually way less than normal even at this time of year. Bloody ice and lack of commute. In a good routine now which maybe I’ll be able to keep going after giving my bike a good clean today. Even flossed the cassette and everything :angel: