Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B




Other thread is insufferable.

Does anyone use self-sealing inners or add slime to their inners (same thing)?

I was sceptical at first but I’ve been having a lot more success lately. I find that I still get punctures BUT if I re-inflate it’s ok.

I tried it a few years ago but I didn’t re-inflate when I got punctures, I went through the whole thing of repairing them. NOT NECESSARY.

Cycling Thread 2.0
Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)
Cycling Thread 2.0

I’d like to add slime to your inners.




You can slime in me dumper if you like mate.


That was a reference. (I think)


Fucking hell. The garden centre regulars/reliable petrolheads crossover on here’s getting slimmer by the week. Just me and warny left now.


It was what I was getting at


Do you want to come to Squires for a couple of scoops of Movenpick?


Good timing for this thread. I’m picking up a cheap, albeit quite old, road bike tomorrow. The 4 mile walk to work (and back) is wearing a little thin. Other than that, I will derive no joy from using it.


This isn’t for normal people at all.


It’ll be a grim slog. Welcome to normal-person cycling.


It’s all relative.


best amount to spend on a bike, all in?
I reckon about 100 quid




Mate if you think the OP is for “normal people” then you’re delusional




I got a new one for £160 and its pretty shite. Got scared off buying second hand by all the weirdos who pretend that buying a bike is the most important decision of your life (also I had no job at the time and didn’t wanna risk it)


Then I regret not starting this thread earlier. I would imagine the “other” thread seemed like an intimidating place with all it’s talk of “groupsets” (not a real thing) and “carbon” (bikes made out of pencil lead? right!).

If only there were a friendly thread where we could have helped you through that difficult. Truly I am sorry.


If you’re spending less than a grand you might as well be riding an actual piece of human shit


Hello I like getting from A to B on a bike, when I can be arsed