Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



Nope. For some reason he’s never even ridden with an HRM, but he did have the Rotor cranks that the pros we’re all using 4yrs ago. Vain prick.

Sorry Dave








Normal people do not talk about adding slime to their inners.


Can someone please explain to me who has the right of way / who should give way in the below scenario?

Bike and car approach in opposite directions - there is a series of parked cars on the car’s side of the road which means that both bike and car should can not pass each other. Bike’s side of the road is completely clear.

  • Bike should give way to car
  • Car should give way to bike

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i’m not an expert by any means (non driver), but i think the person on the side of the road that is obstructed is meant to give way, right?


Unless the car is coming uphill… I think…


the bike still has right of way but it’s considered courteous to give way to someone coming up a hill


makes no difference that it’s a bike, just think of it like two cars


Hmmm - so in this instance I was the bike and entered the narrowed section a second or two before the car. The car drove straight through anyway, meaning I had to get off and step onto the pavement. I shouted ‘it’s my right of way’ and the guy replied ‘that’s not a rule you stupid cow’. I cant remember it being a hill, possibly a slight downhill gradient but only very slight if anything. Urgh.


The general rule of thumb…

Car drivers are shit and I’d never trust them with the rules of the road. Wankers.


you definitely had the right of way, the guy’s a prick.

people genuinely seem to think car trumps bike in every scenario and the bike has to bend over backwards to make sure they’re not inconvenienced even for a moment


Think there’s just a genuine hated of cyclists in this city. Wouldnt be surprised is some people view hitting a cyclist as a badge of honour.


*In any city


This was almost word for word the response I had in mind.

Had a guy drive on the other side of the road to shout at me for taking the lane… It was double white lines so either he didn’t know or didn’t care.

Abuse by drivers for doing the wrong thing (when you’re not), often whilst they’re actually doing the wrong thing is a regular thing on the roads.


Even if they were right (they weren’t) they lost any claim to moral authority with

The trouble with these things is I often find myself (as you are) questioning whether I was actually in the right or not and don’t resolve it until after the event. Drivers just go straight to “CYCLISTSFAULT!”



I find it hilarious that many many drivers’ default mode is to get everywhere as fast as possible with no thought for more vulnerable road users. Reminds me of when I took the lane going down Peckham Rye once (potholes in the gutter) and a car came past beeping me, telling me to get out of the way. There was nothing coming in the other direction so he could have easily overtaken me safely rather than almost hitting me. I confronted him at the lights, and tried to explain in a calm manner the reason I took the lane, but he didn’t give a shit, was telling me to read the highway code (??) and to not inconvenience him, then obvs he wheeled out the road tax thing, so then I called him a fucking prick and cycled off.


and since they can always get the last (terrible) word in and speed away - you NEVER get “closure”.

got to say - incidents are fairly rare on my commute but still…