Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



I reckon I confront someone or have a very near miss every couple of weeks. I think cycling in a city means you get used to terrible people everywhere (peds, cyclists and drivers) and and so over time you only really become outraged at the really bad stuff.

I think we have it okay in London really due to the sheer number of cyclists on the road. Can’t really imagine what it must be like to be in a city where you feel quite isolated :frowning:


Not planning to have a car in Dublin and am a little bit terrified of cycling three from what I know of it already… Might have to get a bus pass :disappointed:


Hey cycle people, my pedal on my triban 540 is loose and wobbly and i need to get a new one. was planning to just get a like for like flat pedal replacement with a toe-clip, somebody said “why don’t you get some of fancy clip in cleats type things that you have to wear special shoes for” - i don’t need this right?



A load of people are going to pile in and say you do. And they’re going to list pedals. Some of those pedals may have a flat side and a cleated side giving you the option. Ignore those people.


The calm before the storm.


Depends what cycling you do really.

I find clip in shoes more comfy for longer rides and in rain where yr foot slips off the pedals. Normal shoes are fine otherwise.


here we go


mainly just daily commuting and then the odd leisurely ride here and there. thanks guys.


my new bike shoes aren’t very comfy :persevere:

It’s probably not worth it then :slight_smile:


they’re just getting warmed up. save yourself!


I took the toe clips off my bike anyway, as it didn’t take long before I’d scraped them to bits off of kerbs and the road. My cornering technique is bad, though.


blimey, go steady! i still like using the toe clip bits that you can put your (normal day to day shoed) foot into, but i don’t want to have to carry a change of footwear around everywhere i go.


I just use running shoes on flat pedals. As @plasticniki says, it’s only really an issue when it’s been rainy and a bit slippy. Given the stop-start nature of my commute, I’d probably get annoyed at clipping in and out all the time though anyway.


that’s exactly my thinking…


Dutch reach-around?

Had any bad experiences with car doors?


I mean well duh!


Watched the ‘dutch reach’ video last night. Many, many reasons why Dutch infrastructure and mentality towards cycling is better then ours, just another to add to the list.


been almost doored so many times


I get tooted at for riding out of the door zone, which means that some drivers have noticed me, at least…


Ive been doored once before. Passenger side, opened into a cycle lane. :clap:
luckily the bike wasn’t too bad.


Got back on a bike for the first time in seven weeks today (got hit by a van a few weeks ago and broke my elbow and a bone in my wrist in the process).

Anyway, my bike is now just about on the threshold between the cost of repair and replacement. I need a new back wheel as it’s slightly buckled; I need new handlebar grips (I ended up leaving my bike locked up in an open, sunny bike park and as a result the grips have gone gummy and gross). I could do with a new saddle and the whole bike could do with a good service.

In short: I could probably get by with the bike as it is (save for the handlebars), BUT I could treat myself to a new one BUT I’m cycling it in Cambridge and new bikes get stolen to order.

SO :man_shrugging: (that’s supposed to be a man shrugging)