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Use rubber gloves. prevention is better than cure.Preformatted text


Apparently I need to rotate a bit of metal on my bike which is making the front geary bits not change properly. This involves undoing something, rotating it, then doing it up. What is the percentage chance that my bike completely falls apart when doing this?




good luck. front derailleurs are the work of the devil.


Zero, but chance of you spending 3 hours on it, mostly spent just swearing, and then not actually having made a difference are nigh on 100% :slight_smile:

A Bike shop should do it for you for less than a tenner (?, I dunno uk prices) maybe even for free if you’re nice to them and buy something…


I figured as much. Thanks everyone. I look forward to an evening of spannering, and then hitting things in frustration.


Do you need to loosen off the clamp that holds the front mech to the post, align it with the cog then tighten it again?

You’ll be fine


Ooh check out Sheldon brown over here


Have you never read @zxcvbnm’s huge book of bike maintenance?


There’s a bike shop less than five minutes from my front door. I figure that I have a day job that pays the rent and so do they. I don’t think other people are capable of doing my job properly (even though many people think they can). And I figure that they’ll do their job better than I could and so it’s worth paying a few quid for.


Niche but I like it :v:t2:


Hey, guess what. That thing I needed to undo was the bike stand. When I took it off, the front gears worked properly. And now I can go a little bit further up a hill before I get off and push.


My cycle to work today was painful - took 29 minutes instead of 22. Only thing I can think of is that I’ve realigned my back brakes wrong and one of them is rubbing - is this a thing?


Yes - have a look, you’ll be able to see if the pads are touching the wheel


I find it can happen all too easily. My theory is that the wheel can be slightly knocked out of alignment by all the bumps and potholes.



alignment is a good point. It might touch the rim in just one place instead of all the time, which means a spoke needs tightening or the wheel is buckled (should be more obvious). Suspend the rear wheel in the air and spin it to see where and how often the brake rubs on the rim


I would recommend checking spokes as snapping one miles from home isn’t fun.


Sounds like it’s canal time.


Nice quoting zxcvbnm. got the edit through


Ooh, this happens on my front wheel. I thought maybe I’d need to readjust the brake thingys, but I think it is just in one place, so I’ll have a go at some spoke tightening.