Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



To be honest I reattached the wheel and brakes without checking if they were touching so there’s a very good chance that they are.


Actually, now you mention it, on one occasion it was because the wheel was slightly warped from bashing through potholes etc. The local bike shop straightened it pretty quickly for me.


Guys it’s Cycle To Work Day today.

(Tell me about your cycle to work?)




After two days cycling, I took the train. Football training tonight meant I had my kitbag with me. The train was suitably late and crowded. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO EVERYONE


I didn’t actually cycle in, but I will be cycling home.

Had I cycled in, I imagine it would have been windy.


It was fine really.

Can’t believe you’ve used “kitbag” as an excuse @nebbie! I carried a wheel home once.

#carryshitolympics is my fave


Day off :joy:


m8 - EVERY day is etc etc.


Tell me about yr cycle to work dave! Do you pass any interesting sights? Mine has been total shit these past 2 weeks. Traffic has been really bad. Might need to find a new route.


My cycle to work involved an hour and a half drive and no cycling. Brilliant.


I ride with a pannier, and cross the big bridge in the olympic park. Even when it’s not windy, it’s windy.


To expand however, I think there were more cyclists on the road on my way in this morning than any other day this year which was somewhat surprising.

Was there travel chaos somewhere that forced people off the trains and onto their bikes or something similar?


you might have mentioned that yesterday, i would have cycled in (can do it in under 5 minutes so usually don’t bother)


I didn’t realise. Obvs every day is Cycle To Work Day for me.

@Petagno maybe trees had blocked railway lines? I dunno though. Any slight bit of weather which isn’t a bit of sun or rain or cloud and everything goes a bit shit with trains and buses doesn’t it.


Cycle to work day means free breakfast at work for the cyclists - which they do periodically. Enjoyed my free bacon roll and hot chocolate. Cycle was better this morning after sorting my brakes out.

Seen a big increase in Lycra clad middle aged men recently on my commute who seem to think the route is their own personal race track with little regard for other cyclists or pedestrians. Need to think up some juicy insults to shout.


Alright - chill out Guardian below-the-line commenter.


lol didn’t cycle in today because it was 4 degrees and cba’d

my commute is 28km, mostly straightforward, follows a lovely cycle path by the river for a bit, however also includes a horrendous 1.5km long tunnel and large stretches of a road and dual carriageway with limited cycle considerations and ALWAYS covered in roadworks. downhill in the morning, takes about 50 minutes (PR is 48 mins i think), uphill on the way back, takes about 1hr10 (PR 68 mins)

this is very dull, sorry.


These are a new breed though - think they’re normally weekend cyclists who have been forced to cycle midweek because of really bad roadworks - absolute twats the lot of them.


No cycling for me because I’ve got a fractured wrist. Sobs quietly in the corner.