Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



ooof! get well soon peej.


My commute is just over 5 miles (think 5.2 on the way in and 5.1 on the way back). Takes me about 30 minutes, although can do it in 25 if I leave home early or work late as the traffic dies down - obviously that is well slow, but welcome to Central London.

First stretch is cycling through residential streets, including past my daughter’s school, that are blocked off to through traffic so that’s fine.Then join Old Kent Road for a couple of dead flat, dead straight miles - usually I’m not an advocate of cycling on main roads, but it has a bus lane all the way along, loads of other cyclists for safety in numbers, plus there are no tricky junctions on it. Jump off at New Kent Road just before The Coronet as despite having redone Elephant & Castle roundabout it is still absolutely shit for cyclists/humans. Then meander through some back streets around Borough/Southwark before popping out at The Old Vic, cycling past The IMAX, then over Waterloo Bridge (which I personally think has the best view in London - City to the east, Westminster to the west) then Drury Lane (hello Lion King) cusping Covent Garden and past Freemason’s Hall, then over Holborn and park up at Bloomsbury Square. It’s a massive pain in the arse route, particularly lemming pedestrians in Covent Garden all over the roads, and slow, but it does actually go past an absolute ton of landmarks…


this is the horrible bit of my journey


Canal Road :joy::joy:


do you know it? It’s horrible.

I have to cross those lights and then merge across that lane on the left hoping nothing is coming speeding up./


I don’t, but you’re always talking about throwing things in the canal.


“you in the tour de france lol”

if you want to shout something both witty AND original


The difference in time between my commute on a week day and when I do overtime on a weekend is huge. Six miles at 8am takes me 40 odd minutes. Doing the same on a Saturday or Sunday morning takes HALF the time. No motor vehicles getting in my way and slowing me down makes a BIG difference.


My commute is 12k and takes me about 40 minutes. The first bit is down Leytonstone High Road, which is fine in the morning as it’s pretty quiet, then across the Olympic park and through Victoria Park, which again is fine if it’s daylight and Victoria Park is open, otherwise it’s a horrible ride along the ‘Quietway’ of Old Ford Road.

Then it’s Bishop’s Way with parked cars on one side and cars diving to overtake you between traffic islands on the other. Then it’s Hackney Road, with buses, cars and other cyclists. This bit is actually okay as the traffic speed is pretty slow. I stay right out in the middle of the lane and overtake on the right at all times. I then cut up to Pitfield St, down through the crossing and take my chances among the shared space cycle lanes and footpaths, construction traffic, scaffolding and buses running parallel to Clerkenwell Road rather than trying to cross Old Street roundabout.

My preferred route from there would be to head west on Clerkenwell Road all the way up to Gray’s Inn Road, but the road works and bus diversions mean that it’s horrible at the moment, so I now go a bit further to get onto the segregated lanes on Skinner Street.


My commute (only done it once mind so hardly a commute) is 55km. It took just under 2hrs when I did it. Relatively flat at around 500m.

I leave Winchester and basically head East out to Arlesford, Ropley, East Tistead, Selbourne, Bordon then a big climb up to Hindhead before dropping down into @profk country in Haslemere. All on pretty quiet country lanes.

Probably ought to do it more often tbh.


do you/have you ever cycled up Woolmer Hill? Looks brutal.


Back in the day I have. It was shit. And Blackdown, that was shit too.

Now I drive up Woolmer hill everyday.


Oh I treated my commuter to a new sticker today.


Not sure I’d even consider attempting Blackdown.


I wore waterproof trousers to cycle last night. I think I might have to go to the pro cycling thread now. It’s been fun here.


absolutely not allowed in the pro cycling thread


Have recently started cycling to work again. Can’t really do it when I’m doing nursery drop off as it’s too much hassle.

Usually join the A24 at Colliers Wood and just head all the way to Elephant and Castle on that, over Blackfriars Bridge, then to Farringdon. Have experimented with a few variations, doesn’t seem to make a great deal of difference. The worst bit is heading home and all the traffic lights along Farringdon Road. Takes ages. Elephant and Castle is a lot better now than in the bad old days - so much better for cycling through.

Ride takes about 45-50 mins. Hard to get much speed up really.


Ah bugger. But clearly the luxury of arriving somewhere with dry jeans means I’ve gone beyond the normal people thread. I’m homeless.


I used to live near Victoria Park and work in Islington. Canal tow path ALL the way. Perfect. It was so relaxing I was happy to go at a reasonable speed, wish a good morning to pedestrians, and not even get annoyed at joggers.


Hi Normal a-b people - how much do I need to spend on decent bike lights that will light up everything I need them to, and make me seen from the rear? Is 50-60quidish too much or not enough?