Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



Farringdon Road will be so much better when they finish off the segregated cycle lanes all the way up there.

I’m still naively hoping that the ‘Clerkenwell Boulevard’ scheme comes off.


I’ve given up on decent lights.

Just lose them or break them.

Sub 10 quid all the way now.


I really don’t like the towpath. It’s way too busy and narrow.


I got lights from a pound shop on Seven Sisters Road (Holloway end for London people). Yes, a quid for both! They’re rubber and wrap around the handlebars/seat post. Easy to put on and take off. The batteries cost £4 each to replace so it’s cheaper to just get more lights from the pound shop. They’re seriously bright until the batteries run down. But they generally last me all though the winter months when I cycle home from work in the dark.


the fact you’re riding in rain heavy enough to consider not wearing normal clothes is enough for you to make it over to the other thread tbh


Get in the cycling 2.0 thread


Depends on the time of day, I guess, though. I was always leaving the house at 9.15 back then so the rush hour had declined, Before nine it’s busier.


for unlit roads? i have a 600 lumen Lezyne light: it was about £40. rear light: exposure tracer. £30?


Are you riding through an area with street lights, or do you need them to illuminate the road.

I just got a Leyzene set. This one:

The lights are fine for other vehicles seeing me, but also have a brightest setting that works for the unlit parts of my ride.


I’d want them to be able to do proper unlit country roads, if poss, unless the cost is just prohibitively high


Depends on what you want really? Lezyne used to be my go to, but the Exposure TracrR rear light is a cracker.

I also have this…

Which is brilliant. I like the replaceable rechargeable battery option instead of having a power cell that is stuck in the light. It is insanely bright (50 mile night rides are no problem) and it lasts 20hrs or so. £££ though.


Go for at least 600 lumen in that case, possibly higher if you can.


Going to need something like this for LWL I reckon. The Lezyne only lasts an hour at maximum brightness.


Had that. It broke under warranty. Replacement broke out of warranty.

Seriously I’ve given up.




wtf are you doing with them? mine is bombproof.


Admittedly it may be that they get left outside a lot through the day.


I’ve got them. Well, I have the rear one and a front one it looks like they don’t do anymore. They’re great. What do we do before USB charging, eh?


One tube strike day I saw a cyclist with a torch that he was holding on his handlebars with one hand.


take that hi tech to the bike wankers thread.