Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



I bought it for that abandoned ride I was saying about. The batteries are like chunkier versions of AA batteries and will last for 5hrs at 500 lumen which is plenty. It is heavy though. And chunky


Yeah. I guess I have options (usb battery pack / dynamo hub [thiking about new wheels anyway] / another light). TBH it was fine during the Dunwich Dynamo, but there was a group of about 6 of us all with decent lights. Think LWL might be more spread out and with less stopping.


Not clicking on that but is that a forum dedicated to discussing lumens?




Bike light reviews, so lumens are discussed, but not the sole issue


well, that’s my afternoon sorted


Dyno hubs are £££, so be careful there.


I know, I know.


have you tried switching them on and then walking down the street to actually see what they look like for someone coming the other way? can be quite scary seeing just how shite they actually are.

or maybe not? maybe they’re good enough idk


Yes, I have seen them from a distance. Also, while cycling the way they light up the road signs from a distance is a good indicator of how bright they are. These blue road signs are made to pick up light from car headlights and my bike lights have a similar effect on them.


fair do’s then


My commute (11km, about 40-45 mins):

Start off cycling south on Palmerston Road in Bowes Park. This is a relief road for Green Lanes with most traffic headed north to the A406. It’s lined with cars on both sides. That, coupled with the fact that I am cycling against the traffic does mean it is often hairy.

Eventually I join Mary Neuner Road (really) and the disused gasometers. Lovely bit of road with hardly any cars.

Wightman Road next, uphill there but undulating, and obviously downhill home. There’s frequent traffic islands and drivers are generally cautious with their overtakes; there is often not enough time and distance to complete it. The traffic is steady too, meaning there is little to be gained from driving past anyway.

Finsbury Park is top notch. Love the descent and generally coast it.

Through Brownswood Park, where the streets are mostly filtered – lovely.

Round the Newington Green gyratory, which is fine, taking Mildmay Park before turning onto CS1. Pick up the morning peloton all the way (Pitfield Street) to the crossing with Old Street.

Paul Street is a bit annoying as there’s a lot of construction traffic at the moment. And a shared space junction, which is everyone for themselves but in a gingerly manner.


Did my normal commute - only takes 5 minutes or so. It’s mainly downhill on the way in, and mainly uphill on the way home (obviously)

It was very windy, and I was worried my cap (normal cap, not a casquette) was going to blow off, so I hung it from my handlebars


Was a bit blowy today. Got a big gust between some buildings and had a bit of a wobble. Put my bike handling skillz to the test. No rain though!

I also seem to be noticing more lycra lads on my short commute. They take it all very seriously and get everywhere as fast as they can, even red lights and traffic jams… Just like White Van Men and Audi/BMW drivers (probably a crossover with the latter). It’s fun going past them on hills in trainers and on a steel bike after they’ve cut me up at the last set of lights.


My Casquette stayed firmly on my head despite the wind :sunglasses:


helmet on your commute? no i don’t mean zxcvbnm! LOL

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I wear it normally because it’s 12km and cycling in London is a bit hairy. Don’t wear one when I’m pootling around the local area and occasionally I have been known to not actually bother at all going to work.


Really wish there was some middle ground between lycra and normal clothes, which wasn’t silly bike “city” wear. I know there probably is but I don’t have any sports wear other than bike clothes. My cycle to work is 12km (takes about 30 minutes for me now) which I think is just a little bit too far for normal clothes. I have to wear smart “business” wear in the office anyway so I need to change regardless. Fridays is dress down day thank fuck, so I do sometimes cycle in with normal clothes but I always feel a bit grim when I get to the office.

I’m sure I’ve also been the subject of “ahahaha look at that lycra clad twat on a upright single speed” but I’m trying not to give a fuck.


can’t you get done by the pigs if you’re not wearing one?


I don’t mind the wearing of lycra on the commute. When I was doing a 10k+ round trip I was in full gear. I only do about 3k to the train so don’t bother.

It’s more the attitude really. You can tell which people generally don’t know how to ride a bike properly or safely (almost always people on mountain bikes). But the lycra lads who treat it like a race should know better cause they’re being idiots on purpose and it’s obvious in the way they ride.