Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



huh? it’s not against the law to not wear a helmet


oh really?!

I did not know that.

What a utopia we live in.


I find drivers give me far more room w/o one on, too.


I’m walking TO work to collect my bike, then I’ll cycle home. I’m such a rebel


Studies have shown that motorists generally give morespace when overtaking cyclists who are not wearing helmets because they feel they need to be more careful. The experts are wrong…?! :astonished:


yeah I know. it’s just a massive hassle. there are some days when I cycle to work in lycra, get changed into “smart” shit work wear, and then change into normal clothes to do something in the evening, and then ride my bike home in the normal clothes.



I used to live on that road. Never did that shimmy down Mary Neuner Road though.


Tbh those ladies in burhkas might have it right all along. Seems an easy life.


My work attire is usually black jeans, boots and a shirt so I usually just swap the shirt for a t-shirt on my cycle in and back. Don’t wear a rucksack though so I don’t tend to break a sweat on the journey unless it’s very warm. Works for me rather than being a full kit wanker…


Isn’t that what he’s saying?


hate cycling in anything other than shorts unless it’s about 5 degrees or below :confused:


There’s lots of debate about whether mandatory cycle helmets are good, or bad for cycle safety:


I just wear a t-shirt and football shorts, changing at work.


It is a requirement in Northern Ireland I believe.


isn’t that a bit of a false equivalency though? Like, wouldn’t it be ideal for everyone to wear helmets AND make the roads safer for cyclists?


The Prince is now a wanky craft beer pub. You should revisit


wearing helmets =/= safe though.

one of the safest countries to cycle in is the netherlands and about 1% of people who cycle there wear helmets.


Yeah I had a really bad injury in my teens caused by coming off my bike and landing on my head with no traffic around and no helmet, and a nextdoor neighbour who got a serious brain injury but was told his helmet saved his life after hitting a patch of oil on the road


Yes, you’re right. I need more coffee. Actually, I need a vaction.


yes but if they did wear helmets then they’d all be even safer is the logical conclusion, no?