Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



yeah, fine.


They’d be safer in an accident. Wearing helmets and making helmets mandatory makes the chances of being in an accident higher.


They also ride bikes with really upright positions that are proper slow and heavy and have wide tyres and are generally not at all aero so probs less likely to tumble than us top UK lads


There’s plenty of evidence that helmets make no difference when the speed is very slow etc. etc.

There’s also the point that fewer people would cycle if helmets were mandatory.

Wearing high viz on an aeroplane as a passenger would make you incrementally more safe should there be an accident but who’s doing that?


i usually wear proper cycling gear in the morning so i can put fresh clothes on in work, but rarely get changed again to go home or wherever i’m going after work.
saying that, as TontonZolaMoukoko says, you can spot the ones with the attitude a long way off, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to overtake those types going up Camden Road from Holloway…


(unless your one of those weirdos who argues that a helmet is somehow less safe and doesn’t protect you).
you get similar arguments in skiing and I can’t ever contort the logic enough to end up with the ‘no helmet is better’ conclusion


I always wear a helmet and would recommend everyone to but wouldn’t make them mandatory


My dentist is still in Wooders so I do pop back on occasion. The Prince does look nice.


yeah, froomey’s never done a poo on the side of the road either


You’ve not read the article, have you?

Cars pass closer when you wear a helmet, and cycle numbers plunge when you make them mandatory, which is turn makes the risk of an accident much greater.


this. as much as it’s possible that helmets don’t actually offer that much protection, it’s not like you’re going to get more hurt by wearing one, so i figure you might as well.



In addition to this, I read somewhere that the actual risk involved with cycling (ie risks where a resulting injury would be stopped if you wore a helmet) is really really low, in some circumstances so low that wearing a helmet is similar to just wearing one for walking to the shops. So: :thinking:


or boarding a plane, perhaps? :wink:


I don’t know about that - I think the risk of falling onto your head at speed is likely to be higher when on a bike, sharing road space with motor vehicles, than when walking on the pavement.


Loads of pedestrians and car passengers would stay alive and suffer lesser injuries, if they were wearing helmets. But you don’t see people talking about why they’re not wearing helmets.



I’m trying to find the thing I read but totally failing.

Obvs I’m playing devil’s advocate here: I am a helmet person.


I remember having the helmet no helmet debate on old DiS. Fuck doing that again.


this isn’t fact though is it? this is ‘some studies show…’


go easy on yourself, nikki, we’re all friends here!