Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B







Just look at you’re all doing to @zxcvbnm’s safe place!!!


I remember that!

I had to duck out early unfortunately otherwise would have been well up for windmilling in…


Exactly mate. CBA anymore.


I don’t know, you posted a few times in there…


I recall the thread well, but aside from posting a couple of additional sources of information I was unable to really take part sadly :disappointed: Shame, as there were some top,top debating skills on offer throughout…


Cycle To Work Day is now extended to, er, tomorrow as well!


Ah good, another day I won’t be able to cycle to work then


just another day in my cycle to work LIFE



Wed/Thurs is my weekend :joy::joy:


i miss yes_. he was good.




Loved him :heart_eyes: josh, wasn’t it?


Jumping red lights

  • Never
  • Often
  • Once in a while

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Don’t really do it, but there are a couple of places on my commute where I know the lights really well, and will jump when I know it’s safe. I say “jump” lights, it’s more that I go early when the circuit of lights has gone around and there’s a 10 second gap between my lights going from red to green.

I would never:
jump lights on a ped crossing
jump any light if I’m wearing club kit


Similar to this. Would never ‘jump’ a red light, but there is one junction on my commute (where a cycle routed road meets a main road) where the cycle lane/lights combo is dangerous so I come to a stop at the junction and if there’s nothing there I join the main road at the first opportunity…






Gatorskins I have had zero complaints with. Hard for me to justify even trying another tyre given I can often find them discounted anyway