Cycling Thread for Normal People who think cycling is just yknow alright or perhaps an inexpensive means of getting from A->B



Same. I know it’s probably wrong to feel this way but it bothers me that other twatty cyclists gives me a bad name. I keep thinking a driver will take it out on me because I’m tarred with that brush.

I was behind two twatty cyclists yesterday and they were being really inconsiderate (widely two abreast and going very slow, yes I know two abreast is legal and I do it on the right roads but…) in pretty busy conditions and actually went through 3 ped red lights (didn’t help them, I caught them up). I reckon every driver there had cyclist rage.


guys look: when hotukdeals & cycling from a-b collide!


One for @DirtyPJ.


They are indeed the same as the pair that I got from the pound shop going by the photo.


You could have saved 24p!




On my cycle into work this morning there was a disgruntled pedestrian walking along the shared cycle path with her arms fully outstretched to the sides and shaking her head at every cyclist that past.


Hate shared paths.


Normally fine, I particularly enjoy ringing my bell when I come behind someone - especially if it really gives them a fright :slightly_smiling_face:. I think this woman wasn’t a regular and thought everyone was cycling illegally.


Shared paths are SHITE.

This is the worst one on my commute. You can tell that every pedestrian thinks that the cyclists are being dicks, when they’re actually cycling where they’re meant to go:


Yeah that’s a terrible cycle path


yeah there are a lot of shared paths in Germany and so many pedestrians just get aggressive and have to have it pointed out to them. I guess people aren’t looking at road signs when walking which is fair enough.


there’s a shared path in Peckham where the bike bit is like… indicated by some metal things on the ground with a picture of bikes on them. also the sheer amount of bikes going through peckham at rush hour would make it pretty obvious to any pedestrian that it’s a cycle path. i’ve got into so many arguments with people telling me to get off the pavement. one lady started swearing at me and eventually said she was going to hit me but when i invited her to do so she didn’t. fun times.


Believe it or not, this is a shared path:

It’s also gets pretty busy as it’s the most direct route if you get to Victoria Park to find that they’ve shut the gates.


I have to cycle along this absolute lemming run on my way to and from work:


It’s the corner of Waterloo Bridge and The Strand so, you know, quite busy with both pedestrians and cyclists. They’ve actually widened it slightly since ^that Streetview - however it nows runs directly along the front of The Lyceum Theatre, home of The Lion King, so can be quite challenging trying get through 200 tourists taking selfies of an evening.

The other classic just by my work is this one:


Cycle lane inbetween two pavement cafes? Can’t see any problem with that…


I just wouldn’t cycle on that.


Ahhh, I love that bit near Waterloo Bridge. It even has its own traffic lights!!!


Local council have spent six months building a new cycle path along part of my commute. Admittedly it’s not fully open yet - but you can predict how well it’s going to work, can’t you?



Seeing as you have to cross three lanes of traffic you need them tbh tbf…


I have been shouted at on the path by the River Lea in East London: “Get off the pavement!” I explained to her that it was not a pavement in the way that she thinks of it because it is not the property of the local council but rather is the responsibility of British Waterways, who allow responsible cycling on their paths. And as I was cycling at no more than twice walking speed and was exercising due care and consideration in accordance with the published rules of British Waterways it is my right to say that you are an ass and you should shut the fuck up.