cymbals eat guitars

good weren’t they



I’m enjoying Joseph D’Agostino’s solo work too.

Empty Country II came out earlier this year, it’s good.


the most unfairly underrated of the 10s alt guitar bands. Think every album was great with a new twist on their basic formula. Still think he’s one of the great modern lyricists too - can’t get over the perfect balance in track like these between the strange-stoned imagery, and the pin-point emotional details

Remember you and I would get so high
We’d pass out with our shoes on
First light through leaves
This was back when my smoke would juke
And stutter in the highway crossbreeze

Friends fuck each other in the guest room
I feel the ghost of all the parties still happening
Right on this very spot that I am standing
Kids are blissing in the spare room
Light years away


good enough to make me write like @TAFH33

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Totally agree, Pretty Years is a top 10 all timer for me

the new empty country record is really, really good. joe’s got to be one of my favourite songwriters.

anyone going to the hackney gig in london this tuesday? only date in all of europe this year so i can’t imagine them being back for a while.

cymbals gigs in the 2010s were some of my most cherished live experiences, criminally underrated band.

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I hadn’t realised they were doing any gigs over here. Don’t think I can hightail it down there but very very tempted.

The EC album is neck and neck with Young Fathers for my album of the year. It just really captures the scope of early Modest mouse - just that bleak Americana feel.

I only saw Cymbals once, on their last tour in Camden but they were amazing.

The Empty Country II album is really growing on me (and not just because Pearl references Cherub Rock, something I just realized)

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