D. B. Cooper

Don’t think we’ve ever had a thread about this. Arguably the most fascinating thing to have ever happened imo.


Get back involved in this every now and then and it blows my mind once more.

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Very much so.

Wish I could go back and learn about it for the first time all over again.

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What do you think happened to him?

Watched a documentary on it a few months ago, might have been on Netflix, didn’t offer much new.

Still think Mad Men missed a trick by not revealing Don Draper to be DB Cooper.


DBC does show up as a character in Prison Break :+1:

Drum Bass Cooper



aMeRiCaS FiNeSt DeTecTivEs! :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Hair samples
FBI agents found two hair samples in Cooper’s seat - a single strand of limb hair on the seat, and a single strand of brown Caucasian head hair on the headrest.[140] The limb hair was destroyed after the FBI Crime Laboratory determined the sample lacked enough unique microscopic characteristics to be useful.[141] However, the FBI Crime Laboratory determined the head hair was suitable for future comparison, and preserved the hair on a microscope slide.[142] During their attempts to build Cooper’s DNA profile in 2002, the FBI discovered the hair sample had been lost.[143]

Cigarette butts
In the armrest ashtray of seat 18-E, FBI agents found eight Raleigh filter-tipped cigarette butts. These were sent to the FBI Crime Laboratory to search for fingerprints,[144] but investigators were unable to find fingerprints and returned the butts to the Las Vegas field office.[145] In 1998, the FBI sought to extract DNA from the cigarette butts, but discovered the butts had been destroyed while in the custody of the Las Vegas field office


Yeah my head says this too, but in my heart he made it home, changed the money somehow and lived a nice life.

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Do you reckon it’s actually Steve Cooper


want to go back to a time when plane hijackings were more of a thing because

  1. authorities were more willing to negotiate with hijackers, so they were more casual affairs.
  2. you could easily bring an assault rifle onto the plane.

Interesting that several copycat hijackers all survived, so not impossible they he survived the jump. One of the suspects was a paratrooper too, i think.

I think the best thing about the doc I watched was how it set it all in context, explaining how it was the era of the hijacker.


A divergence to Cuba was relatively routine, seen almost as a lark. Rataczak recalled in The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, “Everybody on the airplane would get a bottle of rum and a couple of cigars, and got back on the airplane and flew home and thought it was really a fun thing.”


Sure we’ve had a few DB Cooper threads. Maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, really love this track

Lived happily ever after with Amelia Earhart and the passengers and crew from MH370


Couldn’t find any in a search, maybe they simply vanished into the rainy night…


Average emcees is like a TV blooper/MF DOOM, he’s like


Was not aware of this before

That’s where I first heard of him