D&D Tips for an absolute n00b

Yeah I get plenty of romantic attention loads actually no you can’t meet them they come from another town so just drop it ok.

Me and some ATD’s are starting a campaign on Friday. My pal’s designed the story/adventure and he makes videogames so is well into all that stuff, but I wondered if any of you had any advice on how not to ruin it for everyone if possible?
I think Friday will mainly be a character creation session so tips there encouraged.

Also general d&d chat if you have any.


Box of wine each so you don’t run out.

I would be so so into a D&D group but all the good people who I used to play with live in Newcastle.

Take it seriously enough to be fun but no more seriously.

Not played it but in my brother’s first attempt they ended up splitting into two factions, one who were there to enjoy themselves and one who took it very seriously. One person was ousted from both for being too serious even for the serious group (i.e. A complete arsehole)

Avoid that probably?


the big show plays d&d with vince vaughn and tom morello (this is my only d&d fact ok bye)


There’s a couple of people only joining because their partners want to play :joy: I’m hoping I can help keep them interested but I also have never done one of these games.

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vin diesel is big into it as well



I’m involved in a game of D+D that we resume once every 6-9 months (wey)

I still have very little idea whats going on and it’s mainly an excuse to get a bit hammered

It is probably the stupidest thing in the world to take v seriously so just avoid that and focus on drinking and being a wretchling half-elf swordmaster or whatever

it does start a surprising amount of chats in the pub, attracts adult males in the same way sitting with a puppy attracts females


this will be my overt aim tbf


I’m thinking of being a trickster cleric, focus on some fun non-combat persuasion spells and buffing/healing everyone else. Maybe a half elf of neutral gender.

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it’s great fun as an absolute session of a drinking game and you do get an insight into everyone’s personality, but yeah even one sourpuss taking it hyper-seriously would spoil the pot i reckon

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You mean like Abu Hamza?


That’s probably good advice.

Was he into LARPing

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Been trying to get a D&D thing off the ground with the neighbours for getting on for a year now - finding time without the kids is impossible - so my advice includes not inviting 3 year olds.


I would recommend setting out the ground rules for erotic roleplay early on so nobody ends up disappointed later.

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Don’t touch anyone else’s dice. My old housemate used to play and someone in his group had to microwave his dice if anyone else accidentally touched them.


Start a blood bowl league instead


Serious one re: character creation - create someone you can get behind / sell to the DM. You don’t have to like them as such, but think about them as a person, their motivations, their back story and try to avoid glaring contradictions. It doesn’t have to be massively detailed and I’d def recommend leaning on archetypes for your first character as it helps to fill in gaps.

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