Dad jokes 😐... πŸ™‚... πŸ™„

:coffee: the :baseball: :softball: ?

That @Epimer jpeg.

Coffee the baseball baseball?

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Think the second one is a softball?

Tea the baseball softball?

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Makes a lot more sense that way

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Not like Wuzza to refuse to explain himself in these circs.

Sorry, I thought you’d clocked it and were playing around.

Cup the balls.


This was worth the wait

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I disagree.

I’m not even sure it’s in the right thread as dad jokes are always β€˜clean’ (or at least β€˜cleaner’) surely? :smiley:

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I remember that joke from when I was younger, Theo! It’s a good one. And there was no implied ball-cupping - I think the emoji probably looks more suggestive than the shape you make with your hand in the joke.

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Ah. Didn’t realise which thread this was in. Or remember the hand actions dad joke (though I do now).

Best we don’t get into my thoughts on the other one, I guess. :zipper_mouth_face:

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Ah well, I shall accept your word for it :smiley:

*Nordic (pedant klaxon)

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But then the joke doesn’t work?


Found out that Mortal Kombat was based on a Nordic church song.

Finnish hymn

That’s ok, isn’t it?


(Unless you’re jokingly pretending that @felson meant change it to Nordic Hymn, and I’m being a big silly for not picking up on that.)

Found out that Nordic Kombat was Nordic on a Nordic Nordic

Nordic Nordic


That’s possibly what I meant, but further reading indicates you might be right, and in fact Scandinavian doesn’t include Finland.

Either way, I think this isn’t the place for pedantry, because I’m guessing the Mortal Kombat theme was invented in Japan in the late 80s

(stolen from FB):

I accidentally drank a bottle of invisible ink last night.

I’m in hospital now, waiting to be seen.