Dadsnet Activity Sourcing Spin Off Thread

Here is a thread for sharing ideas of activities to help keep DiSers kids entertained with all the extra home time.

Anything small or big, for any age. Craft, science, reading, anything thst might keep them happy or distracted or learning.

Can be your own idea, sharing a website wirh resources or an Instagram or youtube.

Feel free to contribute ideas even if you don’t have your own child.

Hope this is a good resource :+1:



Really, really enjoying Mac Barnett’s instagram book and hat club, going daily live at 7pm but then each is available for 24 hours after:

He’s really engaging and funny and his books are great.

There are a few sections on here with easy and fun origami suitable for quite young children, and the instructions are the clearest out there.

I have absolutely stacks of origami paper and I’m happy to post packs of it out to anyone who wants.

Most paper is good anyway about printer paper thickness or a bit thinner, though most models are based on a square sheet

There’s a few Facebook groups for this I’ve yet to brave.

Simple things- washing toys and dolls. Always goes down a storm here.

Digging in the soil.

Astronaut story time

Kids podcasts. Cbeebies have a few but there’s loads.

Watching simple shows in a different language if they’re already learning one

Zoo webcams

Online P.E lessons

Similarly that cosmic yoga woman on YouTube

Fimo/salt dough

Twinkl have free resources on their website but not great for us as all too young or too old so not great for age 4ish but great for others

Might use this amazing 3d Pitt Rivers to choose things to talk about. Shrunken heads.

Growing cress would be fun but who has cress seeds lying around.

Going together her involved in household chores if I can. Be more patient and less of a control freak about her doing things herself.


Trying to do this too, hoping it gets less stressful the more we do it as right now it is very difficult.

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If anyone is up for a WhatsApp* video call with a 7 and 3 yo baboon then feel free to pm me. Here all day

* can do Google hangout too. Skype in a pinch but not FaceTime

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Somewhere there is a YouTube drawing thing where the kids copy the directions that G really likes, will try and find that

Not today but definitely up for kids facetime. We did it with her cousin yesterday for the first time and have had a few others on facebook say they’re up for it.

Kids of dis conference


Does anyone have any good baking ideas/recipes for young children? My daughter recently tried making bread ‘hedgehogs’ with her dad, which created these hideous creatures that tasted as good as they looked…


Banana bread is always good. Can’t go wrong really and uses up mushy old nanas.

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If you can get a sheet of puff pastry you can make cheese twists or cinnamon twists:

  1. Unroll pastry sheet
  2. Spread with EITHER finely grated cheese(s) with optional seasoning/spices (black pepper, paprika, chilli powder, anything you like) OR a mixture of cinnamon and (ideally brown, but any will do) sugar, optionally add finely chopped nuts
  3. Cut into 2cm wide strips
  4. Twist each strip and place onto baking tray lined with greaseproof paper
  5. Cook for about 12 minutes on gas 7. The sweet ones will be more prone to burning so perhaps check them after 10 minutes.

Steps 2 & 4 are about as toddler friendly as cooking can get.


My last day at school (until September??? :grimacing: ) so I raided the maths department stock cupboard for a fine selection of old textbooks for my GCSE age kids.


Thank you, I will give this a go (definitely going to have to incorporate more exercise into our routine!)

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Anyone got any good kids’ podcast action?

The boy loves this and is probably best 5-10 (but I enjoy it too). Just don’t expect them to learn anything!

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Kitten Lady is doing a Kitten Class for Kids at 6pm

I will be tuning in, as I am a 25 year old child

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Took the opportunity to sort out the toy boxes - we found some lost bits and pieces, rediscovered old toys, and got rid of some rubbish. There’s also some Julia Donaldson adaptations on iPlayer

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Kids iplayer also added all of Sarah & Duck series 1 this week :heart:



So I floated this with CCB and he thought it was a plan. Any DiSers kids want to email or penpal, send pictures or anything. Thought it would be nice to send stuff…email obviously free and easy but can letter of that’s convenient. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to do and I can set up some lists!

Also got a load of links to put in here once I get ten minutes.


We have taken a few chairs in the house and set up a “car” (could also be a train or bus) and for mothers day we’re taking everyone to the beach. Got beach towels out and going to play some found sounds beach noises on the Bluetooth. Going to be fun.

Then we will have a picnic on the floor (with outside sounds).

Then this afternoon were “going to the cinema” in the car to see the shaun the sheep 2 and then getting a takeaway.