Dadsnet Activity Sourcing Spin Off Thread

That sounds brilliant :grinning:

A really fun activity I got the kids I tutor to do is 1, print off a science experiment template off twinkl or basically list experiment name/equipment/what I did/what happened and get them to think of a question and answer it through trying it out, and writing down their findings in that format. 8yo tried to find out which type of surface out of a few (paper, card, fabric etc) can be wiped down the easiest with paint on, and the 6yo mixed paint with water and tried to see what would absorb it fastest, paper, tissue or fabric scraps etc. Used the same stuff for both kids, and other experiments for older kids can be mixing kitchen stuff like baking soda and lemon with water or the litmus test with washing up powder as the alkaline and lemon as the acid and red cabbage as the universal indicator. Making them write it up as well will drag things out and its educational and fun

Also older kids can be prompted to write a hypothesis before they start

Yeah this kinda stuff is great. I reckon most kids will hopefully be familiar with testing stuff out from science at school

We’re recommending kids do tests on states of matter eg how long does it take for water to evaporate in different places round the house, how long for different things to melt (being mindful of waste obv)

They can record stuff with iPads and set timers etc and plan the whole thing out

Same goes for measuring and cooking if they’re able to.

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t-30 minutes until the first Joe Wicks / Body Coach thing for kids.

I’m on a work call right now, but it should be done by 9 so I put on my jogging bottoms rather than jeans earlier…

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Not having a printer is annoying. Wish we owned one. Might invest…

I went to KallKwik to print 100 pages and it was really £40.

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Did her Frozen one on Friday (after a couple of days of Joe Wicks). I really enjoyed it. MiniWza drifted in and out. She wants to do the Hey Duggee dancing PE thingy so I reckon we’ll do that tomorrow.

Have made some fairy doors (skirting board sized jobbers, coated in glittery PVA glue, so they can also go outside), and made some welcome notes to make the fairies feel at home when they arrive. :fairy::door:


Couple of quick drawing activities:

Shadow pictures
If you have some bright morning light coming through, get a toy and place it at the bottom of some paper and draw around the shaddow it makes, then colour/shade in.

Squiggle Pictures
Draw a big bumch of squiggles or lines all over a bit of paper and then try and find shapes in the lines to make something, like this sideways parrot here that emerged from an attempt I did:

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Mystery (/treasure hunt/goose chase).

Presume this is pretty self-explanatory but, in case it’s not clear from the photo… sketch a few household things, pick a starting ‘clue’ (magnifying glass optional as a prop), then create a trail, so one thing leads to the next, and maybe have a snack treat at the end of the trail. Dead basic, but MiniWza (3 and a bit) really bought into it. Could ramp up the difficulty with more wordy or even cryptic stuff for older kids? Create some sort of narrative?

Doesn’t last very long, but very repeatable cos you can shuffle the order of the things and have different ending.

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