DADSNET - new forum/newborn (doesn't even rhyme)


Hi all dads (and mums - let’s not forget that they too play almost as important a role in making babies). Pram chat, anxiety, poo anecdotes all welcome here.

For starters, the ONS data on 2015 baby names is out and as ever it makes for…reading. Checked for my son’s name, and he was one of only ten given his name in England and Wales last year so I guess that makes it fairly unusual.

HYG, Warny, Caedus, everyone else who is expecting - pick names for your spawn here:


congratulations to sean and Theo on their new baby forum!!


Is thewarn expecting?


You bunch of fluttering C****s


Wait - who was the other person who was expecting? It wasn’t thewarn was it.

No way am I going back to the graveyard to check…


Got it, it was TheWZA!!!


Mrs HYG literally set up a Google Doc today where we could note down potential names. It’s going to be a fucking minefield, isn’t it? I have one name I really love. She quite likes it but wants to think about it / consider others. She was very attached to a name I didn’t like, but has now gone off it (thankfully, I was expecting a fight). Really annoying how a lot of the good names seem really common now too…




I don’t know, what’s Wazza with you?


Mate, what’s with your italic fascination? All your posts seem like the musings of your inner mind.


Is that joke an attempt to prove you are ready for fatherhood? Probably bad enough to pass muster.




We came up with our daughter’s name and two middle names really quickly - as in half a day for the lot.

We were still arguing about our son’s name on the way to the townhall to register him. I had the thinly veiled on board with Franz as one of his middle names until literally five minutes beforehand at which point she bottled it.

In general I think that there are just more decent girls’ names out there.


FRANZ?! Calm down, captain WWI dictat.


Where are they all then!



You named your kid after Panaflex! That is very flattering. Thanks very much.


Wazza Jugs.


My technique was to choose one of the names I never considered a favourite - I went off favourites eventually so I thought if I went for one I liked a bit it’d have more staying power plus I wouldn’t feel too attached to it if she didn’t look like that name when she was born. Nameberry is a good site for seeing which names are popular and finding weird ones and saving lists to. I loved it.


Everyone should just follow my lead and work their way through the shipping forecast regions


Nameberry’s been ok for a browse. I like the name-family-trees that BehindtheName do, too. We have a shortlist and I think MsWza and I are converging on a couple of favourites.