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R’s classroom has a massive collection of dinosaurs, I’m banking on a terms worth of bribery from that

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DFUQ is Starmer

I passed it last week and looked it up assuming it was some west country slang, but it seems like HELCH is just a tag someone uses, mainly in London. Apparently Network Rail won’t bother removing graffiti that isn’t offensive and since no one can say what Boris is Helch means, it stays.



No robots in R’s class apparently, so there’s no obvious bribery point, but for some reason the castle worked this morning. Yesterday it was a green penguin but no dice with that today. Want him to make a friend he is excited about getting to see, might make him more enthusiastic to go ot maybe.

Think it might be a long term struggle with him though, even when he is more used to things :frowning:

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I hope it all goes well for him and you. There being anything that works is a good sign imo.

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Could you please spend more time reading my threads?

It will be a pleasure

I’ve stopped doing them so you have plenty of time to catch up

this is just a few minutes from my house!

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Take 2 on having a week away after our disastrous one at the start of August. Night 1 in the travel cot R slept solidly for 12 hours from 7, bless her. Massive relief.


Tonight’s quote from the 3 year old: “Last night, Ollie (his best pal in nursery) and me’s parents all died. They got bit by the dying tiger”. :grimacing: :rofl: :grimacing: :rofl:


I didn’t expect Jimbo’s school to get closed so soon…

But then I didn’t expect the closure to be something other than Covid related - there’s a burst water main and all the water coming out of the taps is brown and unsafe to drink.

2020 throwing yet another twist in.

Oh man that sucks!

Thankfully we got a message back at ten past seven saying that the water was running normally again (after receiving the notification of potential closure at 10pm last night!)


Currently having to deal with our daughter having her arse smacked by her (male) classmates. Going to speak to the school about it tomorrow.

She’s six, FFS…

Jesus. That’s awful.


On Friday I have a meeting with R’s teacher and one of the SEN coordinators and I’m trying to be prepared, writing questions down and things. Mostly I am really scared that I’m just really scared of not being enough to support R, I’m not feeling very equal to the challenge here.

So, kid back at school. Spoiler just for anonymity really…

There were some issues with children being held back from playtime for poor behaviour and some parents complaining that it wasn’t fair/not on punishment book etc.
I don’t really have an issue with that tbh, it’s probably pretty effective in a class of 30.
Anyway, today the kid got held back in class for some of his play for not listening or something and says he was told by his new teacher “Don’t tell your mummy or daddy” about being held in the classroom for some of his play.
Now, I’ve queried this with him multiple times, and he isn’t one to lie and says this is what she said.

That’s really not ok with me. You absolutely can’t be saying that to kids. Spend quite a lot of time reinforcing the notion he can tell us anything and pretty shocked that a teacher thinks this is a valid way of interacting and managing behaviour with kids. It’s a pretty quick way for me to lose all faith in their judgement.
So, overreacting?
Not sure whether to do anything at the moment…I mean the kid could be on one, but he is very open and honest (until adults encourage him to lie to us).

Not over reacting, children have to be able to have the confidence to be open with their caregivers and it could be dangerous for a teacher to undermine that in that way.

Also the punishment system feels potentially really, really unfair and open to lots of potential teacher bias or disproportionately effecting certain children (and systematic or institutional ableism, racism, so many other issues)


Absolutely not overreacting. I’d be livid if anyone had said that regardless of the scenario.