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Finally some validation



How is Ddad pronouncing it? Ah-nye-ess? It’s not that different, is it.


I’m assuming ‘ah-ney’




The French pronounce the S though, don’t they?




They do.


can’t believe this is a thing!


Term + five days. Waiting… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Had a lovely low-key Xmas/NY on standby and enjoying the time off work (sleeping like an absolute log, while I still can), but aware that every day before arrival is a day less after that I get full-time with MiniWza.

Have until 30th Jan off work, though (been off since Xmas Eve and took AL until two weeks after the due date then lined up two weeks of paternity assistance leave after that) so no complaints there - happy not to be at work, on tenterhooks. Induction booked for next Sunday, so the ‘eviction notice’ has been served!

On the flip side, we’re getting through a decent amount of backlogged DVDs and Netflix. And enjoying some chilled mooching and lunching out and about locally.

My parents were talking about coming up for a visit a week or so after the birth but I successfully pointed out that that wasn’t a great idea cos of the expected combo of tiredness, chaos and v regular but v unscheduled sleeping & baps-out feeding at that point in time. They agreed to leave it at least a couple of weeks longer. Would’ve been fine if they were popping round for ten minutes, meal in hand, but they need a certain amount of supervision/guidance seeing as they’re not familiar with Glasgow (having only visited twice since we moved here, and not for eight(!) years) so they can hang fire until we’re ready.

What’re the other expected MiniDiSer arrival dates?


We went term+17 and term+11.

Hang in there.


So I never did announce the arrival my new one in here, did I?

After doing hypnobirthing again for number 2 she also didn’t end up coming naturally. The first time round it was a placental abruption which both survived thank christ (don’t look up mortality rates for that). We resolved to not let no 2 go that far so planned a section.

Was pretty damn amazing. She was born to Fleetwood macs songbird the so g my wife walked down the ailse to, and I cut her cord! Pretty amazing. Recovery was swift and we were home by the next night!

Name is Etta Rae. She is pretty damn special. But fuck me, having two kids is rough! Haha.


She is two months old today too.


yep I think that’s a good idea with your parents. a couple of weeks will mean you’ve hopefully got used to things, feeding established, and common issues ironed out (weight drop, jaundice) etc. and also it’ll give your missus time to recover and get comfortable.

The benefit of having them to stay is that hopefully you can find ways for them to be helpful (meals, cleaning, washing ?) and also it puts less pressure on you and the baby - they can hold the baby when convenient rather than them popping in for 10 mins and they’re just sleeping/feeding etc.

Unfortunately though the tiredness is more of a longer term thing!


congrats buddy!

we had a planned section for both (placenta previa with first) and the second was just down to being given the choice and some general raised risks after having a section the first time. The first section was quite nervy due to the bleeding risks but both times went fine - glad you had a good experience and the recovery went quick.

And yeah, welcome to the 2 kid club - it’s tough but rewarding, especially for the dads is my theory.


Mrs HYG’s due date is Friday. She’s on maternity now, my boss has agreed to keep my two week’s flexible, so I’ll just take it as and when it happens. Induction is booked for the 25th I think, should the baby refuse to budge. Mrs HYG is definitely ready now.

She was really keen to have live-in help as soon as possible. Her dad is going is arriving from the States on the 23rd for a week or so. Her sisters are coming along after that. We have a one-bed flat… so it will be a squeeze, but the more the merrier I guess, or more likely, they’ll be shipped off to a hotel if we need. We’ll see.


To be fair, Mrs HYG had to tell her sister to take a post of Facebook yesterday when she said she was so excited this was the week the baby was due and we had an influx of distant relatives and old friends all getting in touch. We just don’t need that hassle. Her sister is exactly the sort of person who would announce the birth first given the chance. And when you still have anxiety about how everything will go, we don’t want to be that public about it.


yeah i get that completely.

fucking facebook


I found out only two weeks ago that my parents found out about our first being born from Facebook. I wanted to call them directly, but due to the nature of the section (emergency) my wife’s mom called her sister to let them know it was going down, and she called my wife’s dad, who posted “I’m a grandfather again!”. My dad saw this in his feed an hour before we actually got out of recovery and called them to tell them the news.

At the time they humoured me, but the story came out that they knew in advance. It was their first grandbaby and they found out by accident. It really really upsets me thinking about it.


Urgh, I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I could definitely see that kind of thing happening with us. We’re hoping, all being well, that once she goes into labour, we’ll tell her dad and my parents, who can both keep it to themselves, and then after we’re all done, we’ll tell them at the same time. No leaks! Siblings, friends, whoever else, can wait.