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I try that, but R is very defiant and insistent that he isn’t a big boy or whatever else, he is just R. Quite sweet in a way that he has that sense of wanting to be himself, but it does take the “big boy pants” tactic!


Sure there are loads with your little ones :slight_smile:

Tbh, I can only remember this currently because someone was pointing out good things to me this morning and saying how they must be down to me doing things ok.


Oh yeah, that’s not to see that he doesn’t go all meek and say “I’m not a big boy” at times, which as you say, can be very sweet.


I have a bit of a weird rant actually. CAn’t post it elsewhere as another poster knows the person


Absolutely - same here. The longer that goes on, the more I see my daughter (almost 11) displaying signs of acute anxiety and it absolutely cripples me to know that the chances are she’s picked up a lot of this from myself, either by osmosis or genetically.

I always try and keep my MH issues to one side when the kids are with me because I don’t want to lumber them with any of that shit at such a young age, but then I pretty much went through a breakdown when she was very young and still living at home with them.

If there’s a positive to be had, it means I understand exactly where she’s coming from and can work it all through with her having had that experience when she’s in a panic about something new / unknown.


so hard :frowning: you’ve just got to remember all the good things you do and have done and even just knowing that you’re the sort of person who worries about it puts you instantly in the top drawer of parents IMO

yeah, it’s sometimes cold but comfort at least to know that being a bit fucked up will help understand if they are at any point…


Anyone know where to get a decent mid-sleeper single bed? Maybe with some pull out stuff but not necessarily.

And not too challenging for a pregnant woman to get into.

Things that people refuse to engage with you about on here

Arrived at an early nursery pickup to witness my daughter throw up in the lobby. Brings us crashing down to earth after yesterday’s triumph of learning to bike without stabilisers. And now I’m feeling a bit queasy…


David Bowie’s son is getting a lot of undeserved shit for this it seems

Fair enough stuff to say I reckon.


Anyone who says they never feel like this is either lying or superhuman


Yeah I saw this and thought it reflected the very honest discussions on here recently. Not surprised he’s getting stick for it but not justified in my opinion.


Was going to post this here! Funny timing given the posts here last couple of days.

Doesn’t deserve stick at all. “Rarely fun” was a little sad to see, but peoples own experiences are bound to be different to his so who are they/we to say?


In fairness, if his kids are nine months and two and a half then he’s at what is arguably the toughest stage - having the conflicting demands of both a baby and a toddler at the same time, while neither can really do much for themselves. From my own experience (two and a half year age gap between ours, it gets easier from about ^that point onwards)…


Yes, but it does someone feel that way, even if on consideration it isn’t true


My son has never cried at a film/TV before (apart from when he was really little and ITNG would finish) but we watched Inside Out last night. He cried so hard when Bing Bong disappeared. Then he cried about 15 minutes later when something else sad happened (still about Bongers though) and then he cried uncontrollably (again about Bongers) when the credits played. Broke my heart, Damn you Pixar!


It’s crushing isn’t it?

Not quite the same thing, but my daughter (10) went back to a friend’s house after school on Thursday last week. While she was there her friend’s parents let them watch The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. My daughter was distraught when she came home (and has struggled since). I was, and still am, livid.


Wow yeah, doesn’t seem like a film you should put on for the kids…

I had seen Inside Out before and it is the family bits that get me more than Bing Bong. It is a great film.


Watched Inside Out the other week - it fully did me. My thoughts here:

The fuck?!?


I think the first film I cried at was Cool Runnings


Good god! That film is one that I struggle with the ending of immensely (and the book even more so). There’s no way I’d let my 10 year old go near either.