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I think mine was ET but I hadn’t seen Cool Runnings at that stage


Exactly (and @Petagno you summed up my response nicely).

I mean, we take a relatively relaxed approach to movie certifications; provided we know what the content of the movie is, and she’s watching with us. To let two 10 year olds watch that by themselves is just hugely irresponsible though. Why not go the whole hog next time eh? How about Schindler’s List?


Shoah is only about ten hours, will fly by for the kids.


I haven’t seen Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Just read a summary. FUCK! I mean I knew it was going to be bad…


I’m at my wit’s end this week. Last week, Mrs HYG went away for the week for work so I was solo parenting. On the first day Little HYG was obviously sick and ended up diagnosed with bronchiolitis. Made everything that much more difficult, a lot of long nights, but she was in nursery at least during the day, so we survived.

Mum came back on Sunday, I thought that would make everything easier, but if anything it’s worse. Little HYG has turned into a fullblown horror, she’s clingy, touchy, tantrums at the slightest thing, says no to every option, refuses to do the things she likes or stick to a routine. Dropping her off and picking her up at nursery used to be easy, but every time this week is like pulling teeth. Not sure how much is just a delayed reaction to her mum’s absence, and how much is just her age (she’s two next week). Not sure how I’ll cope if she’s like this for months on end.


We’ve had a nightmare with mornings since we got back from hols - Jimbo won’t get dressed, and gets really upset about going to nursery. Things are getting better slowly, but the lack of routine for a month really messed him up.

Maybe if Mrs HYG being away is a regular thing you can get some kind of routine put together that will work regardless of whether it’s your or Mrs HYG doing it?


It’s going to be an ad hoc thing, occasional conferences and stuff so there’s no routine to it.

We’re going to the US in a few weeks so I guess we’ll have to cope till then and try to get back into a proper routine when we get home.


I meant a routine for mini HYG - e.g. bedtime is at 7pm every day, or mornings consist of getting up around 7, having a bit of breakfast, then getting dressed while Bing is on, and leaving for nursery at the end of Hey Duggee (not that our routines at home are driven by tv programs. Ahem)


It’s worth remembering that no matter how long it feels like it’s going on, at the age everything is just ‘a phase’. Everything…


Oh we’ve had a solid morning / bedtime routine for a long time. And it worked! She pretty much always slept through. But now, after the disruption of Christmas / her mum going away, she seems really resistant. Rejecting the breakfast she’s always had, refusing to get dressed… then in the evening, insisting she’s not ready for a bath, trying to put off getting her pyjamas on. And three times this week she’s ended up in bed with us, because she’s woken up at like 4am and been impossible to settle otherwise.


And as a friend of mine told me around the time Jimbo was born - as soon as you think you’ve figured them out, they move onto a new phase and you’re screwed again


Yup. Little bastards :rage:


fucking hell.


That’s Jimbo every other day for the last fortnight. I’m currently blaming:

  • his jetlag
  • my other half’s jet lag, which has led to her not going into see him just as she goes to bed, and not turning the dimmer light (left at it’s lowest setting when we put him down) properly off
  • a new phase


That is our every single day. I have made my peace with it and like it now.




If they aren’t also playing the banging EDM number from Toy Story minifilm Partysaurus Rex, I’m out.


Going through exactly this this week. Mr. Precious asked me for a piece of cheese yesterday and then lay on the floor screaming when I had the temerity to offer him a piece of cheese. Putting it down to moving from the baby room to the toddler room at nursery. He is so in love with the toddler room that he seems to hate being anywhere else on the planet.


Quite reassuring reading everyone else’s trials and tribulations in this thread as I’m sat in a dark room with a white noise app on at a deafening volume trying to get our cold ridden youngest to settle properly for the fourth time tonight, after a long and clingy day that started at 3.30am.


urgh we’re going through a rough sleep patch with our nearly 5 and nearly 3. older one is coming in and wanting us to take him to the loo, which he’s perfectly able to do himself. he doesn’t even need a wee really, just disturbing and being lazy/annoying. happens once or twice a night. Younger one we converted her cot to a bed and now she’s toddling in at 4-5 each morning. Gate doesn’t work, she just goes completely nuts, she does normally get to sleep in our bed but not massively keen on that becoming a thing. Why is it so hard to reason with them!!

We’ve been quite fortunate with them sleep-wise so guess we got lulled into things and feel like we’ve had the rug pulled from under us and now we’re completely shattered