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It is an automatic thing that schools have to do because when Ofsted come in they’ll ask for attendance figures and say what have you done about these children who have gone under a certain percentage of attendance that had been plucked from somewhere and schools have to have a policy of letter, meeting, formal meeting etc to show they are seeing if there are bigger issues than the normal.autumn term illnesses.

So remember it’s not personal, although I know it can feel like it…


Yeah, not got round to responding yet and the ire has faded somewhat now, but you’re right I shouldn’t take it personally





Ha, thanks Keith! We’ve been up and settled her two more times since that last post. Gonna be a looooooooong night…


Anybody here ever braved going to a festival with the little people? We’ve been discussing this as a summer holiday option, but have some trepidation, especially as we haven’t even been to one without kids. They will be 4.5 and 2 by the summer. Green Man is the leading contender, but we’re open to other options.


We’ve been to a few festivals with ours - from when my eldest was 2 (and my wife was pregnant with our second), to last summer, when they were 9 and 6.

Obviously much depends on how geared up the festival in question is for kids, but we’ve always had a great time.

FWIW the ones that we’ve done are Camp Bestival (very much child focussed, but the music line up isn’t that great), Black Deer (americana festival, good range of stuff for little people), and Forgotten Fields (now sadly defunct).


Took Offspring I to Latitude in 2016 (when she was 3) and then Camp Bestival in 2017, and took both of them to Latitude (Offspring II had his 3rd birthday while we were there) and Camp Bestival last summer. Plus done British Summertime/All Points East with them.

Has always been fine. Although slightly weather dependent - when the storm hit the final day of Camp Bestival last year it wasn’t quite so much fun.

Despite Camp Bestival being set up as a family festival, actually found Latitude the easiest as it has a specific family camping area away from the main campsites, which also takes you directly into the Enchanted Forest side of the main festival site. Looks like Green Man has family camping :+1:

We’ve got a five man tent that has a large awning area which is good for giving them a bit of space/stowing a load of crap/muddy clothes in. We’ve also got a festival trolley for transporting kit/sleeping children in - a pimped out version of one of these:


Every family with small kids seems to have one these days - I imagine it’s fucking annoying for childless festival goers, but there you are.

Bedtimes can get a bit fluid, as obviously headliners tend to finish around 11pm. Plus they have a tendency to wake up as soon as the sun hits the tent. That said, genuinely love taking our two to festivals - back to Latitude this year :+1:


We went to Wilderness when our eldest was about 16 months.


a) wouldn’t go to wilderness again because I didn’t like the vibe massively tory
b) would definitely go to other festivals with the kids (maybe shambala ?)
c) we took a load of food with us which is just as well because otherwise we’d have needed a mortgage to buy it there (see (a)) and when we go with our youngest we’ll definitely have to because of food intolerances
d) they enjoyed it and festivals IMO are awesome for kids
e) We also took a pimped out trolley like @pentagno which was :+1:

next time I’m going to resurrect my bamboo cart if I can figure out seating for the kids:



Definitely ^this. We took a ton of snacks, plus porridge and pasta as it’s easy to do single pot meals on one of these bad boys:


Latitude also had a pop up Co-Op on site which was an absolute god send :+1:



I made a load of pasties, froze them and took them in a cool box - they stayed good for a couple more days and were excellent mobile food :slight_smile:


Top tippage that :+1:


Thanks all, that’s quite encouraging.


I was there for that too. It was so horrendous that I’d burned it from my memory until now.


James told us about a dream he was having when we got him up this morning, which was a first. I was a bit concerned initially because he said he was dreaming of monsters, and we thought he might have been having a nightmare, but then he said that they were nice monsters and friendly monsters (he’s well into Monsters Inc at the moment).

So it’s all good - he’s remembering his dreams, he’s obviously got a good imagination, he’s not troubled by nightmares, and I noticed that in his descriptions of the monsters he was using different interchangeable adjectives, which shows that his vocabulary is coming on well.

But of course as I was driving to work I get a text saying that this morning’s nursery drop off was hellish. Oh well :confused:


Oh man we’re totally in the monsters phase with our eldest! For ages now they’ve been really really reticent about telling us what their “bad thoughts / bad dreams” are of, which is hard because a) we want them to trust us and b) we can’t help very easily if we don’t know. But recently they did divulge their bad thoughts involve monsters, but short of reassuring them that there are no monsters and that even if there were we would protect them etc etc it still ends up with them in bed with us every night.


Yeah - Jimbo’s had a bit of a cough the past few weeks, which unsettles him in the night, which means he comes in with us. Thankfully he’s been a lot more settled in our bed. He used to just get in and wriggle.


lol, the wriggle! we’ve got a pretty big bed but it’s still impossible to get a good nights sleep with that going on :slight_smile:


Yes. Whilst I like sharing a bed with him from time to time, it never results in a decent nights sleep. Last happened on Christmas Day at my brother in laws - son sleep walks in at about 2am and proceeds to thrash around in our bed babbling in his sleep about Thor.

(28 he was, etc)


Complained to the teacher this morning about a book G had home for reading.

The basic plot is mouse wants to marry little rat. Dad mouse doesn’t approve and says mouse must marry the strongest one in the world. They go searching then it turns out little rat is the strongest and so mouse marries him and dad mouse is all happy too.

It was written in 2003 too!


My 6 year old daughter came back with a book all about Colditz. Picked at random by her off the library shelf apparently, but in the “topaz” or “copper” bracket that she is in. They have a weird selection for sure my favourite being

I didn’t get to read it sadly to check its actual suitability.