DADSNET - new forum/newborn (doesn't even rhyme)


I actually just spat my lunch out laughing as that loaded :joy:


My work here is done :sunglasses:


We still have one of those! Just sits on my sons shelf as we think it looks quite cool. Still plays the plastic records, but only at 1/2 speed for a lovely horror movie type sound.


I like the look of the Ikea one - they’re £45. Was contemplating one for my son’s room eventually - got an old iPhone repaired that I was going to use to play music from.


If anyone has been thinking of getting a kids tablet the Fire ones on Amazon can be paid off weekly without a credit check, I thought we were going to see my brother in Florida in May (he’s since revoked his offer) so I bought one for the flight and it’s only £25 a week. My ipad is so old so it’ll come in handy for both of us and they replace it no questions asked if they break it.

Feel a bit of a crap parent buying a screen for her but we do our fair share of 8+ hour train journeys and it’ll keep me sane.


We got one for the boy’s fifth birthday. He doesn’t use it too much through his own choice (he gets plenty of other screen time!) but it’s great that they can only access kids’ stuff on there. Have noticed that I am now paying a monthly couple of quid for it though.

Going on a kids’ internet safety course tomorrow as it happens.


The basic ones are about £25 all in when they’re on offer, then all you need is a case and to fiddle with the settings to make it kid friendly


You don’t get all the shit provided though do you? Like all the apps and TV programmes etc.


Ah I dunno, does the kids tablet come with built in Prime for kids shows and stuff? Probably worth it then.


Was pretty amazed at how much the ultrasound tech has come on in six years. Guess last time round it could have been old equipment.

20 weeker went down well but took fucking ages due to positioning.


Not for the regular one, but with R because of family history we had to go for a detailed ultrasound to check his heart (it was all good, he didn’t inherit the dangerous stuff fortunately), and there was a screen positioned so you could watch it which was cool, and genuinely was so amazing how it could get such detail on tiny parts of one organ and it seemed like it was at least semi-automatically finding/capturing parts to take measurements.

Glad all was good with mini ballonz II :slight_smile:


Cheers. Yeah they spent ages on the heart and it was amazing but it was the face that got me. Plus I knew it was a bit before they told me.

We have a 24 week one too as a bonus and 30 I think.


Bit and boy I suppose.


Because of the TV’s Type I Diabetes, they measured the development of them pretty closely all the way through the pregnancy, so we had five scans with Offspring I and six with Offspring II. Yeah, any thoughts of not finding out the sex beforehand is pretty much gone when they spend half an hour detailing every measurement of a 36 weeker…


The scan is an odd experience, equal measures wonderful and terrifying.


Yeah with #2 it was lucky we didn’t mind about finding out the genital shape because we had loads of extra scans - the first one picked up an enlarged kidney, which obviously led to a very stressful few months and lots more scans :confused: still, it’s nice to get more views of your unborn…

I still find the whole U/S thing basically one step down from actual magic - to see and decipher the internal organs of a partially formed human inside another human is nothing short of incredible.


Yeah, scan definitely a weird experience. Don’t think you’ll ever experience a bigger kick in the balls than them spotting something wrong.


yep :frowning: I think there should be some sort of mandatory internet filter applied to all expectant parents with a hard cut off for any that have anything non-standard come up in a scan.


Sorry if I have dredged anything up for anyone.


no, you’re fine (for me anyhow) thanks for your concern tho :slight_smile: tbh the post birth reality, whilst not ideal, is a million miles away from what we were panicking about before we had all the information.