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Any birthday ideas for a 5 year old boy? We’re struggling to think of something in the £20-£30 bracket


We’re coming up to Spring so maybe something outdoorsy - scooter, garden play thing maybe?


The 5 year old in our family is wild for slime and unicorns, so this seems like a fair bet-


I’ve made it clear to all friends and family that anyone buying either of our two any more slime is going to be hurt…


Has to be Lego.


He’s already got shit loads of Lego


Was thinking that. He’s got a three wheeled scooter but maybe a two wheeled one would be good (he can ride a bike)


I’d say you want to spend a bit more than that on a scooter, as they can last many years.


That kinetic sand is great - was less messy than slime!

Also some cool stuff here. The electro dough is great fun but my lad is too young to do it by himself.


Yeah, this stuff is not too bad - doesn’t stick to clothes and hoovers up very easily :+1:


Jimbo’s well into his kinetic sand at the moment - but he’s only 3 1/2. Might be a bit simple for a 5 year old?


ohhhh you have just reminded me, I got my son some of this for xmas but when I realised how many presents he had, I confiscated it shortly after opening and hid it in my ‘cupboard where I hide the confiscated things’.

I am going to have to entertain him, with a big hangover, on my own on Monday so I am hoping this will help.


Feel this might be a universal parent thing. Have all kinds of stuff stashed away for various reasons (not age appropriate, already has enough of x but will keep in case of breakage, scared R but maybe he will like when older, was really fucking annoying and couldn’t stand it anymore [I’m talking to you, book with fire engine siren button]).


Yep - we have one too. A big ikea bag stashed where he shouldn’t go. But occasionally you’ll find him, and he’ll look all innocent and say with his big blue eyes “I found a present”


Got a new dad wind up going on!

When the kids want a satsuma peeling, i hide it behind my back and start singing with full gusto “conceal don’t peel, don’t let it show”

They love it!


Absolutely stealing this, will report back


Ordered “butterfly buttons” from Amazon for the four year old’s art projects, got sent this today, 3 months later…


You NEED to do an un-boxing video for this :open_mouth:

Which potentially lethal creature have you got :grinning:


How is next week half term already?

Going to try ditch nappies next week (other than for sleep). Someone please reassure me this won’t be a disaster :frowning: