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My tribulations with Offspring II are up ^there. Offspring I got it in literally two days though, so just depends on the kid.

What I would suggest is really, really focusing on it for a few days, to the extent of not even leaving the house if the situation dictates. Do some research about what techniques work in what situations. My top tip - have them go commando the whole time for at least the first couple of days.

Good luck :+1:


I’ve gone for a bit of a non-standard approach and started the potty part before the switch out of nappies, so R uses the potty now kodt of the time (with a sticker-based reward system to encourage), but has been in pull ups because I am a wimp. This will probably make ditching nappies a nightmare. I really should have read up about ways to do things but all those parenting websites and books just send me into feeling inadequate and ashamed, I can’t cope with them any more.


I sent the photo to my Chinese co-worker, apparently it’s a bandage for joint pain. Somebody got their wires crossed at the cheap tat factory.


Ah, of course, so obvious. Thus disproving the adage of not judging a book by its cover :+1:



alright lads


I know you said you’re not a fan of books, but @UnicornPorn used the same book as us which seemed to work pretty well. I’d go so far as to say avoiding the book and asking us about things, because there were bits of the book that made my other half feel inadequate too (like suggesting that if they aren’t out of nappies by a certain point they’ll need therapy in later life. WTF?!?!)

We did it in the summer and let Jimbo run around in the garden in the nude, asking him regularly if he needed the loo and encouraging him onto the potty. Tbh, if he’s already using a potty with pull ups, you might find that just putting him into pants will do the trick. The first few weeks Jimbo was very conscious about “having an accident”, and although that never happened, I think it was his concern about it that meant that he didn’t and he got used to potty training pretty quickly.


I’m assuming this is Royter having a baby. Well done Royter!


Either that, or royter is a baby.


I used that book but i wouldn’t bother buyung it as i found her to be quite obnoxious and it made me feel weird/angry.

Also this is basically the crux of it @Flashinglight

Dont wear clothes for 3 days
Dont pressure them
Don’t wear underpants for at least a month
Don’t do rewards
Don’t say “it’s ok” if they have an accident


Our whole system so far has been based on rewards :grimacing:

He will reach his next reward level conveniently just before we would start the ditching nappies though, so I suppose as good a time to finish that as any…

What would you say if they had an accident?

Pretty sure this is going to be a disaster, I just can’t do changes.


If they have an accident you acknowledge it. “Oh you weed on the floor” but thats it. I say “…let’s not do that again”.

Rewards are fine if it works for you. Her reckoning is its a normal everyday thing that we all have to do so doesnt deserve a fanfare but you can say that about so many toddler triumphs


I have one (1) baby


Excellent work. Babies are v cool so much so that I am having one (1) more.

Going alright is it?


The nappy fairy visited V when he was 3. All the nappies disappeared overnight with one conveniently delivered for bedtime. (Which he then refused to use…)

Anyway,I found it took the pressure off as it wasn’t me saying you need to go to the toilet or whatever it was some fairy that he was totally sold on and I could sympathise with him about.

It is a massive pain at the time but in a few years you will honestly be wondering how it was such a palaver!


I ignored her tone and followed it to the letter* and he was fully trained just after his second birthday in the space of a couple of days. He is not a child who takes direction AT ALL so it was either a miracle coincidence or it worked. Her tone is absolute balls though.

*we did not night train though. Still haven’t as he will still pee in his sleep sometimes and I believe the evidence that suggests this is hormonal and which she seems to ignore- so clearly not everything she says is gospel!

Good luck @Flashinglight, I’m sure you’ll be just fine. R sounds like he does actually take direction and I think you know him best and should do what works for both of you. xx


I saw your happy news on FB. Congratulations! How’s it going?


I didnt plan on night training bur she insisted in no nappies herself and she’s only wver had one accident. Miraculous…though she still has daytime accidents out of laziness and thinking she’s an actual camel that only needs the toilet once a day.


That’s fab! We struggle to get him into a nappy at nighttime as he doesn’t really understand the inconsistency of approach and wants to be a big boy day and night, but he definitely doesn’t wake to pee more than about half the time I’d say- so a wee while to go until we can be truly nappy free!


A ‘wee’ while, pardon the pun!


Having some real milestone anxiety today. Luna is nearly nine months and showing absolutely no signs of wanting to crawl. She’ll pull herself forward when sitting up and will lift her front up on her arms during tummy time but that’s it. Normally pretty chilled with development stuff but saw something about hip dysplacia on TV and now I’m freaking out. Other than crawling she’s doing well, she eats loads and loves to try new foods, sleeps through the night, babbles and shouts at us. I’m just freaking out for nothing right?