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Yeah, pretty much. Easy to get stressed about it. Our wee yin slowly got more and more frustrated at not being to figure out crawling and then one day it just clicked and went from 0 to 60 in a day really. Same with pulling himself up, took ages and he only seemed to do it at nursery and then all of a sudden he’s doing it everywhere. Think we’ve got at least a month or two before walking will be a thing though.


Very frustratingly he’s all of a sudden starting to wake up early which is a bit of pain when we’d got used to him being a great sleeper.


Totally understandable. My daughter spent months walking around on her knees, she just couldn’t and wouldn’t walk on her feet, she was about six months behind her contemporaries. I think my ex got her checked out and was told it was nothing to worry about and its true, it wasn’t. Just that kids develop at different times and different ages.


Not all babies will go at the same rate, R has always been a bit behind with gross motor stuff which was concerning when he was smaller but he has always got there in the end. He didn’t crawl for ages, he ended up preferring to roll to get around and only had a short crawling phase before walking (which again, he did pretty late).

Just keep up the tummy time and she’ll get there when she is ready :slight_smile:


Our boy was so late to be able to roll over, can’t remember the timings now but really late. Early to do other things. Practically impossible not to worry but you shouldn’t.


Yes you are but totally understandably and it never seems like nothing at the time, so sending chilling out vibes your way…

Milestones are terribly stress inducing, so if you can try to stay off the internet that can help and good though baby centre can be in some ways it is terrible for this.


Thanks everyone, think it’s exacerbated by wife’s highly competitive Mum friends who are real milestone counters. Luna is sat eating a crumpet and babbling at us after a really lovely day hanging out so I’m much more chilled again now!


The TV has been compiling a memory book with photos and she’s got the date he started crawling in there. He was eleven months when he finally nailed it. Plenty of time.


I think there were about six weeks between crawling and stomping around the house in the case of The Child. She was just over one when she actually walked.

I think she was neither the first or last of Wor Lass’s baby friends to start moving.


Also meant to say i knew a family whose child didn’t start walking until they were over two. Everything else totally “on schedule”, just very late to the walking party. Apparently dad and grandad had been the same.

On the other side i know someone who basically skipped crawling and went straight to walking at just under 9 months but they had lots of issues elsewhere. So it’s definitely worth remembering that all these “standard” milestones are just statistical and you know your child best.


Milestones are a bit of a weird one. No matter how much I wanted to be dismissive of them, it’s impossible not to be worried if they’re “late” with one, or not to be proud if they’re “early” on one. But it definitely seemed to be more of thing when we mostly associated with NCT people who only had one kid each, all at the same age. Now we’re mixing more with parents from nursery - many of whom have several - people are genuinely no longer obsessed with it.

(Apologies for yet another NCT dig.)


Soon you will long for the days when you could put her down and she wouldn’t go anywhere.
It’s nothing you are doing or not doing…I remember other parents being all proud of the first tooth… literally a random event.


Just looking for some reassurance here… tantrums get better, right? They’re called “the terrible twos” for a reason? We’ve had some epic meltdowns in recent weeks… sometimes over nothing. Just horrible, thrashing, screaming, incoherent rages. I know that a lot of it has been contextual (we’ve been on holiday, she’s been overwhelmed, out of her comfort zone, etc), but it’s so upsetting to deal with… there have been moments in the dead of night where I’ve wanted to post here and it would be a lot darker but I’ve managed to restrain until now. Hard to sometimes escape the feeling that she just doesn’t like me though.


It’s a tough age but it does get easier in time. Our second turned 3 on Friday and she’s still very stubborn. Doesn’t tantrum as much as before but she can be really hard work to reason with and chill out.

Your definitely right that if they’re out of their comfort zone or routine then that will make things a lot harder, for them and for you.


Yes they do!! My youngest is going to be three soon and there has been some noticeable improvement in that direction. They went through a phase over the past few months where I couldn’t even enter a room without them wailing and gnashing their teeth and saying “I don’t like Daddy, I wanted Mummy”. However much I knew (hoped?!) it was a phase it got quite upsetting and draining - trying to change someone’s nappy when they’re distraught and thrashing about because “I though mummy was going to do that piece” is very hard, particularly when I’m trying to keep the noise down because mummy has been up all night with them and is trying to get some sleep…

I found distraction can work well, but being able to do this predicated on having your wits about you and quite a lot of patience, both of which are in short supply when you’re knackered and being physically pushed away or having toys hurled at you :frowning:


Three is the age where most things seem to get easier in my experience. They can start to express themselves properly, you can reason with them to an extent, they won’t instantly run in the road the moment you let go of their hand…

Plus they start to be able to do stuff for themselves and are potty trained so it’s all good :+1:


Hexbugs are cool. My new favourite toy that my son got.


Baby-proofing Questions.

Miniyada is on the verge of getting about. Are you lot keen on all the baby-proofing gubbins you can get your hands on, or have you opted to try and teach your kids to stay off the stairs/not climb the bookcase/handle records only at the edge???


Had a lot of this sort of shit on the most dangerous edges/corners. And yeah, you definitely need stair gates if you have stairs.


This is the bit I’m dreading. She already has a fascination with the box of 7"s but luckily it’s mostly shite in there. A friend suggested getting her a record player which can be ‘hers’ so I picked up one of the Fisher Price ones but not sure it’s going to cut it!

Did not pay £45 for it though.