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Safety catches on kitchen cupboards. Mainly to stop them messing with cleaning products but also handy when they get older and want food!

I’m really paranoid about them pulling furniture over on themselves so go around securing things. You can buy straps for TVs to stop them falling onto then.


I used to have one of these! Very keen to get one again now!


My wife’s got cat fear for the next one. Wants to get a cat net…


Yeah, we’ve already done the cupboard under the sink. All our other kitchen cupboards are up high luckily. Though we do have quite a dangerous set of shelves in the kitchen that looks like it could easily topple :frowning:


Ours has been crawling for 6-8 weeks. We’ve not bothered as of yet. But she is on the edge of pulling herself up on furniture and cruising. So we’ll be doing the stairgate and cupboards. Have to find a way of securing the TV and get any cables and plugs out of the way.


We didn’t actually babyproof our house. I think we moved some of the more obvious hazards out of the way, but we didn’t lock up any cupboards or anything like that, and we never used stair gates.


I took a mixed approach between baby proofing and trying to teach what was dangerous and had to be stayed away from.

Corner bumpers (used the ikea ones) have come in quite handy in a couple of places here and stopped an injury or two not being so bad (one trip resulted in a black eye which could have been a lot nastier with a sharp corner).

I have been big on securing stuff to the wall too because even though the likelihood of them toppling things might be fairly low the potential seriousness of injury was enough to make me concerned about it.

You’ll probably find that you will gradually be putting lots of things ip higher and higher :+1:


Yeah, we’ve been very casual about it, and been relatively lucky I guess.


We just did a stair gate. Get one of those pressure stair gates if you do get one - don’t have to drill walls or bannisters.


Our parents were worried about our cat my Mam went on about it for at least 7 months and the Mother In Law went in about it for 9 months (I lied to mine and just told her we got one my wife can’t lie).

In the end we bought a cat net never used and it’s only been in the last couple of weeks the cat has got curious about our son and even then as soon as he screams the cat is out the door to the greehouse for some peace.

Don’t bother would be my advice


We bought a cat net after the cat jumped in the cot once or twice (never when Jimbo was in there, mind). The cat just jumped on the net, which then sank down into the cot :man_shrugging:


The cat jumped into the cot twice when it was in our room and another 2 times when we moved the cot into the nursery has never bothered since. I genuinely think it is Lancastrian Mother’s panicking about cat’s.

2 of our friends both had the same earache about bloody cat nets.


One of our cats is a bit of a nutter, which is the main concern.

One of the main reasons we got them was we had been failing for a second child and then we got then and whammo number two’s on the way… And pregnant women can’t change the litter. Unbelievable!


In classic parenting advice stylee, here comes someone with the opposite take…

We went with the screw in option. This one. Four reasons - better locking mechanism (smooth and silent, not reliant on springs), no frame/bar across the bottom to trip over, less intrusive visually (no need for structural side pillars), and a better guarantee it’ll stay in position. Granted, we’re in a flat without stairs so it was easily screwed straight in to the door frame rather than having to drill into the wall, etc.

We’ve got one of these pressure fit jobbers on the go in the flat we’re temporarily in, and its inferiority is a daily source of irkage.


I think the pressure ones aren’t recommended for stairs for some of those reasons you said - nothing to trip on and almost no chance of coming loose with the hardware mounted ones in comparison to pressure ones.

Didn’t actually use stair gates here though as the banister arrangement was really odd. Instead we had strategically placed gates in places which restricted access to the landing.


Yeah I agree. Much prefer the fitted ones (as long as you’re handy with a drill). The pressure ones still leave marks


Eh :man_shrugging:

Do whatevs. We ended up moving ours three times, so glad we only had to repaint walls and bannisters rather than fill holes each time. Yeah, they do look shit, but they all look shit and will all end up at the tip in a couple of years anyway.

Nobody has tripped on ours so far, and it can take the weight of me standing on it (which I was pretty surprised about to be fair)


Trying to explain baby proofing to the parents is a bit amusing. On the one hand they’re totally obsessed with protecting the little ones but on the other hand roll their eyes when we talk about baby gates “oh, babies know when not to go down the stairs, I mean you turned out fine didn’t you?”…" Yes mum, I did but I also remember the giant sheet of polystyrene blocking the bannisters because I kept crawling out one floor up and hanging there by my fingertips"

[see also literally anything about raising children]


Never bothered with stairgates, he just learned to go up and down on his bottom.
Had some plastic things on the edge of the sharp coffee table and some foam tape around the edge of the marble hearth. Other than that we’ve not really bothered, although he is fascinated with scissors and I’ve started moving those out of reach as he’s going to end up cutting the curtains to shreds.


Now that no one has wallpaper in their houses, what do kids do instead of sitting at the top of the stairs, peeling it off?