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drawing on the walls is a classic
also methodically throwing all their toys down the stairs, followed by any items of furniture they can manage to drag there


Boy stayed at my mum’s for a couple of nights. Her partner asked if it was alright if they watched Antman and the Wasp. I looked at the rating, it’s double his age so I said no. Instead, without asking, they watched Jurassic World 2 with the same rating!

I have got my revenge by grade fouring the boy all over. He looks like a feral kid from Mad Max.


Went to get R a new preschool jumper earlier (from asda, only uniform place near me) because one of his is getting almost impossible to get over his above average size head. Couldn’t find the required red jumper but they did have cardigans. I could just order the jumper from the website, but looking at the cardigan it got me thinking that actually that might be a better option. The design of it was pretty neutral (no frilly trims or the like), we won’t encounter the problem of getting it over R’s massive head, it’ll be easier for him to take off/put on himself, better for Spring weather and also he totally suits cardigans. The only problem then is other’s expectations, because obviously it is still the prevailing thing that boys don’t wear cardigans at school… surely in an environment with two- to four-year-olds he won’t get teased for it though? Right?

I hate gendering of these things so much.


I don’t see why he’d get teased for it. If he’s anything like my kids he’ll hardly ever wear it when it gets a bit warmer and he’ll grow out of it in no time.


Spraypainted his face silver too?


Our youngest finally slept through for the first time last night! Been doing controlled crying all week, and getting up every 10-15 minutes at a time through the night to exhaustion point.

Our first decent nights sleep in 12 months…I mean, the MIL rang at 3am to have a go at my wife for buying “the wrong smoke alarm” a couple of months back, so it wasn’t perfect, but still feels pretty good overall!


Congratulations :+1:

Also, more on ^this please…


^this, especially if he pairs the cardigan with a bow-tie.


Ha, thanks. The situation is a bit complicated. Essentially Mrs Z bought her mum a replacement fire alarm and got her one with a 10 year battery slightly different from the old one which is probably a model that doesn’t even exist any more.

It beeped in the middle of the night for some reason and so instead of taking it outside until the morning and looking at it then (after checking no fire of course), she phoned and gave Mrs Z both barrels for buying this particular model of bogstandard fire alarm which she should have known was clearly completely unsuitable.

All a symptom of a root cause of having an unequal relationship with an unsupportive partner and nowhere else to take out these frustrations… :man_shrugging:


Uh oh!

Suspected chicken pox :grimacing:


Calpol and calamine lotion isn’t it.

Plus take lots of pictures, particularly if he gets super spotty!


There’s just a small spattering across his chest for now. Less spots = less itchiness hopefully.


In Keith Flint’s honour, my partner sent me this pic of our tiny comrade:

One(sie) Love etc


Baby’s got a temper etc


F is almost 6 now.

And homework is hard work with her. It’s basically just reading her books but she cannot sit still and do it, rolling around, kicking her legs. And I often feel like she’s reciting her memory rather than reading. She’ll miss a word or she won’t spot the lack of an s on the end or something.

I don’t really know what I’m saying except it feels like maybe she needs extra help. But on the other hand maybe this is just all kids. No teachers have said anything.


Ours has just turned 5 and perhaps have a similar issue. Firstly he seems quite sharp and the homework isn’t completely stretching him really. So we make little games and add things on. With him it’s all about finding the right time to do it and get it done. We tend to do his reading homework in the day when he’s a bit more awake and can focus. At bedtime we’ll read him something and get him to do the simple sentences at his level, and maybe do a bit of his reading homework then as well if there’s time. But he does get pretty restless if he has a long book to do.

Doubt you’re doing anything wrong. Just make it as fun as possible and do it at the right time of day


Also really not sure about homework for five-year-olds as a concept in general (reading aside). My 8yo’s class used to get ridiculous things as homework that were obviously not for them but their parents, e.g. build a spaceship, Blue Peter style, when she was 6!

ffs I’m not made of sticky-backed plastic


^totally agree with this.
I wish we adopted a more scandi style of teaching where it’s all about play until they’re about 8.
Absolutely no need for tots to be getting sent home with reading and writing homework.

Having said that, theo @1101010 if you’re worried about F’s development you should speak to the school. I don’t know enough about it to give you any definitive comfort here, but I do know that there are a number of different techniques employed in teaching reading now. I was taught the parrot fashion way (how very 80s), whereas now it seems to be all about phonics. It could be that she’s just learning in a way that is different to your own experience and therefore feels forced or weird to you?


Haha definitely. Can’t help of thinking about Neville Southall/Michael Owen ‘well done, he’s 5’ whenever I sit down and do some homework with him. TBF most of his home work is ‘game based’, but he’s already onto spellings and stuff


Pox update from the .orch household - it’s not been nearly as bad as I feared. Jimbo hasn’t got that many spots, and he hasn’t been scratching them too much (yet). He’s found oat baths hilarious, and he hasn’t been under the weather with it either.

I think the worst thing is that my other half is going stir crazy being with him all day every day and not packing him off to nursery (although I was WFH and did offer to take yesterday off).

There’s still a few new ones coming, but the old ones are scabbing over, so hopefully we’re over the worst of it now.