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Severity of pox is correlated to exposure so if your lad has just picked it up out and about and not from a sibling or something then you tend to in general not get it too bad. My youngest got it super bad straight after my eldest had it (shared baths etc). Think that’s why sensible advice seems to be don’t avoid it but don’t actively seek it!


Totally the same - literally will be sliding off the chair, waving arms around etc etc. Teacher is always like you should get them to do 5 minutes of reading a day (not just to ours, in general). And it’s just never possible after school, with a younger one around until bed time when they’re too tired.

So, we basically stopped. Like others have said, homework for 5 year olds is rubs, so we just weren’t going to bother. And almost magically they started picking up books they wanted to read and will read to the youngest and their reading level (yeah, I know) just rocketed. Like, now they want to read stuff! And with the writing we have almost never really done anything with that and they are almost constantly making little books, writing “cheeky plans” to post to their friend next door.

I think both me and M are bad with doing stuff we have to and it’s probably no surprise our kids are the same - ymmv


We got ours vaccinated. Seemed easier? Didn’t read up on it for fear of uncovering the inevitable mumsnet parenting opinions on it.


Yeah, we’ve vaccinated too. Pricy, but if it spares us a week off work, probably worth it in the long run. Plus, if we ever move to the States, apparently it’s compulsory to have had it in a lot of places so might as well get it done now.


We also vaccinated. I’ve never had chicken pox and neither has my sister but my mum had it in her late teens and was severely ill, hospitalised, and it had a life-changing impact on her for various reasons.

When my boy started nursery, my sister was pregnant and I didn’t want to run the risk of him catching it and infecting her. So I had myself and my son vaccinated.

Apart from our family’s specific reasons for not buying into the ‘it’s just a mild childhood illness’ thing (for most children this is right- for many children it’s not. For adults and pregnant women, it can be devastating), my feeling was that I can’t take a week off work for something that is preventable (and routinely vaccinated as part of the vax programme in states and AUS.)


I think it was £180 when we looked into it which felt a lot compared to the free vaccinations, and also while a bit of time off work is inconvenient, Chicken Pox doesn’t cause any long term harm, so we decided against it. Just having a quick look, it’s only 90% effective too, which might have been a factor in our decision (which I don’t remember fully making in those sleep deprived days).


Mumsnet are pretty supportive of vaccinating against varicella.


Just to add, we’re not anti-vaxxers in the slightest. Our friends who we were out with last night had their daughter vaccinated (which would have been handy to have known a few days earlier to give Jimbo someone to hang out with)


Yeah, I was contracting at the time so would have had to have taken unpaid leave. Also it’s just pretty rotten for them, so thought I’d save him the horror of pox.


If I didn’t have the job I have and my family’s own pretty tragic experiences with varicella, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to me to vax :kissing_heart:


Anyone else turn up to drop their child/ren off at nursery/school this morning, see everyone else in weird clothes and go “ohhhh it’s World Book Day, shiiiiit”, and then run away?


Yeah, to be clear @jont2001 @hexagram @UnicornPorn the “homework” is just getting her to read the fairly simple books in her satchel from school for 15 mins a night.

But there is is a problem with fitting this into what little evening there is between home time and bed.

Anyway thanks all, you’ve definitely reassured me a lot


Ours went in wearing his Gruffalo sweatshirt. It occurs to me that he has seen the film but not actually ever read the book which sums up our life really. :astonished::joy:


The first one’s just setup for the GCU


Yeah, everyone’s circumstances are different - my other half only works two and a half days, and works from home, so the support and the needs aren’t the same at all. And we’ve got off quite lightly, so :+1:


For the first time ever with one of these things I did know it was coming but was also totally stumped on what to put her in. Getting her dressed in the morning can be bad enough without adding weirdness to the mix. Ended up throwing a tutu, tiara and wand into her bag so they dress her as a fairy later, and put some change in the box.

Very nearly put her in her “CLASS SNUGGLE” t-shirt with a copy of the Communist Manifesto and sent her as a worker of the world.


I’d be tempted to sack it off for a bit unless you think she’ll grass you up to her teachers. Maybe after a few weeks of a break she’ll be more interested in it.
I have a stubborn child who will not take direction. Much as it pains me and goes against every fibre in my being, I know I am going to have to let him assert himself and find his own way, even if it means him falling behind or not ‘keeping up’ with other more focused kids.


Sums up World Book Day more than anything tbhtbf.


It was a miracle we get any clothes on our daughter at all this morning, no way fancy dress would have happened even if we’d remembered.
She’s only two anyway, we’ll be better prepared for it next year when she might understand it a bit better


Yes the sweats I get when my friend talks about their child’s super-duper advanced reading and I’m trying to chill and put no pressure on!! And there was another child in mine’s class whose parents changed their reading book every day, like come on!