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Oh she is so willful… She can be good at it but usually only if I can get her to do it in the morning.

Basically it’s almost sacked off anyway as it stands


I spent 2 hours yesterday changing a zombie ninja costume into a bog standard ninja costume.


M has been planning for it for a couple of weeks (we’re one of those fancy dress families I’m afraid!) - she has made a Hilda in the sparrow scouts outfit and we bought a blue wig. Hopefully it’ll get more wear than just once! The top is very original star trek though, so maybe we’ll just encourage them to be trekkies! Youngest has a hat with Mog eyes, ears and whiskers on and a fluffy tail attached to their black leggings.


Yeah, he is 2 as well-doesn’t having a fucking clue what WBD is. Just want to know if his two best mates will be there, who is picking him up form nursery, will he get to see my mum’s dogs later, and when can he get sweets (short summary of this morning’s chat as he hoofed it out the door)


Knew it was World Book Day. Didn’t know loads of kids at nursery world be there in full-on fancy dress. This being Scotland, I should have known better than to underestimate the readiness to get the costumes out. :grinning: Some had face paints, though. Some had face paints on. That can’t be parents, surely? Whatever. MiniWza is also only two. We pretty much let her choose the clothes she wants so as to minimize aggro. Can’t be arsed with prepping a costume she’d then sack off on the day. It’s book Day, not costume day.

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow. Is that another dressy up at school/nursery thing?

Can you say a little more about this, please? I feel like I’m not twigging something.


So in year 1 the kids go home with a reading book. you’re supposed to get them to read it / some of it every day and the teacher usually changes their books once a week or twice a week. They encourage them to read the book more than once too. Now, given we rarely seem to manage any reading most days we just wait for the teacher to change the book (if she remembers) but one kid’s parents obviously rattled through it every day and changed the book every day too (the child has now gone to a private school down the road though, so I think a specific method of education is big in their family)


Ah. I see. Ta. :+1:

Our nursery does a thing where they send a book home and swap it over when you take it back in.

We’re lucky enough to have time to do a good amount of reading at bedtime and sometimes other times on top, so that single short book is kinda a drop in the ocean. It’s obviously a really good idea, though, cos there will be kids who will, for whatever reason, benefit from the nudge of being given a specific book to get into for a bit. We’re not spoddy about taking it back for a swap at the earliest opportunity, though. There’s such a thing as being too keen innit.


Saw all the kids (and some parents) on their way to school dressed up for World Book Day today. Seems adorable now but I’m sure as soon as Luna is old enough it’ll become a massive pain. Lots of Spidermen around.


My oldest is on a school trip so no WBD dressing up. Which is a shame actually as she is well into Harry Potter at the moment, has some robes, a Griffyndor scarf and a wooden wand to go with her crazy hair as Hermione. First time we actually had a costume which wasn’t cobbled together. Youngest is in preschool as “what the ladybird heard”.


Love What the Ladybird Heard!

Son is in school today but in pyjamas, to encourage bedtime reading apparently. Had to take in his favourite book which is currently The Sneeches by Dr Seuss (a recommendation from here I think… maybe @sheeldz ?)


Hefty Hugh or Lanky Len?


Love the PJS idea (and also love the sneetches although my son’s attention span only lasts until about half way through.)


I think I might have seen @BodyInTheThames recommend this…


Wisnae me


Huge fan of the what the lady bird heard extended universe.

What the Lady Bird Heard
What the Ladybird Heard Next
What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday

Sugarlump and the Unicorn which features both the farm and the circus from

The Singing Mermaid


yes, twas me

love that book - ‘The Sneetches & other stories’ - all the stories in it are 100% brilliant


Oliver-Boliver Butt is a guaranteed LOL from my son!


Reason I remember is because I got it for my two on your recommendation. They both love it :+1:


My wife’s an artist who’s nifty with a sewing machine and my eldest would live in dressing up outfits full time given half a chance, so our two went dressed up in a couple of fab costumes that I can’t take any credit for it. The eldest as the leopard from How The Leopard Got Its Spots and the youngest as the ladybird from What The Ladybird heard.

Admittedly we settled on leopard based on what we had in, then worked backwards to what book it could be linked to…


As with the last couple of WBD and halloweens, my son decided at 7:59 that he didn’t want to wear his costume. So I packed it into his bag and sent him in with it as he usually decides he does want to wear it once he sees his mates. It was a Highway Rat costume.