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We seem to have a few behavioural issues creeping in at the moment. Not outright naughty, but our eldest is noticeably getting a bit wild and often not listening to us.

More tantrums creeping in from nowhere and at the slightest thing. Good insight into her behaviour when she’s calm, but but when the red mist descends there’s just no reasoning with her.

I don’t know how much of this is just normal four year old development stuff, pushing boundaries and trying to work life out, and what is formative behavioural patterns we need to get on top of.

It’s come at the same time as friendship groups at pre-school are starting to form (and reform on a day to day basis) and a groupthink mentality amongst them is starting to encroach on some of the independent spirit she seemed to had/has.

So she probably has a lot going on - and we’re trying to find the right balance between discipline and understanding. We’re having lots of talks currently and it feels like really hard work constantly reaffirming the need to be kind, considerate and (occasionally) etc.

Just wondering whether others have been through this stage around this age, what your experiences were, how you addressed it?


Have we talked about how great Bedtime Stories In Ceebeebies is get? Watched the Matt Berry and Tom Hardy ones and they were an absolute delight.

Luna was already in bed asleep by the time they were on.


They the ones that are on at 6.30? If so, Josh Homme did a good one, as did Guy Garvey


Yes! Will look out for those two.


I’ve been enjoying Storybots on Netflix.

Episode one has a cameo from Snoop, last one we watched was Kristen Schaal*

*Disappointingly not as a horse



6.50! Straight after In The Night Garden.

Watch this James, have your bedtime Weetabix (how has this even become a thing?!?!), then when it’s finished we’ll brush your teeth and go to bed.

I was a bit disappointed that Matt Berry didn’t put on a proper Toast of London voice. And the George Ezra one was SHIT! We’ve got Kitchen Disco at home, and they skipped the best page of the book, where the people who live in the house go to the kitchen and find the dancing fruit. Jimbo loves saying “uh oh - BUSTED!” as we read along.

There’s a Floella Benjamin one too - how come she still looks exactly the same age as she did when I was a child?


Definitely normal that they get ‘naughty’ and it comes and goes in phases. Lying, hitting, being unkind etc.


It’s actually amazing.


Jimbo’s latest game is where he decides that he’s going to be one of us, and we have to be him. A lot of the time that’ll mean him dragging us to another room, and the pretence of taking “James” to nursery, and going through that routine, where he’ll leave the room for thirty seconds then come back to “pick him up”.

This afternoon though he decided that he was daddy, and he grabbed one of my hats then said “I’m going out”. Where to, we said? “The pub” he announced proudly. I’m going to have some beer. It was hilarious - it’s not even like I go to the pub that much these days! There’s not much gets past our boy.


Thanks Jon. I guess it’s just a new phase to get used to as they become more social beings connected to rather than just existing with the people around them.

Behaviour has been a lot better over the last week,so I guess we just keep chipping away reinforcing the good stuff over and over.


M’s new favourite song is Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus.

Feel like she’s getting into it too much though…


Ignore the stupid prices which of these is best?



I’d go for whatever is smallest and easiest to store away.


We have an older second hand version of the Ikea one. Jimbo loves it, but it does have a design flaw in that because he was so short when we got it, he’d open up the oven door and stand on that for easier access to the hob. Consequently the Perspex panel in the door didn’t last too long.

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to buy some plastic pots and pans, and some plastic foodstuffs.


Ikea one is great. Top is good for putting things on if you’re short of space


The door seems to open to the side now. Maybe for that reason?

Literally almost identical


Other think I like about the Ikea one is that you can lift the washing bowl out and just chuck everything down the hole into the cupboard underneath. A quick and easy way to ‘tidy up’ if the kids check the food and plates around everywhere. That kmart one looks like it’s more ‘open’ so harder to hide shit away!


I know loads of people that have the Ikea one and it seems to do a good job :+1:

My kids have a handmade bespoke one of course because fuck off :sunglasses:


Yup! It’s a tough time, but it does come and go. We found it hard not to worry that nascent sociopathic behaviour was a sign that their personality was bedding in and that’s what they’d be like as an adult. It helped to remember that judged by adult standards young children are self centred, obnoxious arseholes :wink: so we took a breath and tried to put ourselves in their shoes. But it is hard!