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did you do cloth ones from birth? we got given some re-usable ones which we were planning to use but while he was breastfeeding our boy poo'd A LOT. like 8-9 times a day a lot of the time, and we (mainly Mrs S) couldn't face doing that much laundry. Now he's on solids it seems more realistic and we're thinking of giving them a go.


Hello! I didn't do hypnobirthing lessons or owt but I basically just used one of their techniques during labour (counting down backwards from a high number by subracting 3s or something) and that and a TENS machine I hired was my only pain relief.


no idea what this is about, seemed like the best idea at the time


No, think I started at 4 weeks maybe, I use bamboo liners in them so if they've pooed you don't always have to change the nappy you can just take out the liner, I guess not so much with newborn poos though as Iv'e never managed it yet because of too much mess.

The only thing is I have the pocket ones that grow with the baby but often she'll be between sizes and leak so then I go back to disposable until she's grown, and I'd never use them overnight either.


+1 for NCT classes, if you're able. Not essential, but I enjoyed them. Keeping in touch with the rest of the group is good. Was good that we were both able to go, too. I was only able to go to the last of four 1 hour hospital antenatal sessions. Compared to six 2-3 hour NCT sessions.

Looking back, NCT classes would be a good thing to have bought for you for anyone with parents offering to pay for something at a time when you're (or, at least, we were) buying bits and bobs, second hand, ad hoc. This is a good review that is them in context:

That blog also has a review of slings (looking forward to this) and reusable wipes - - which we've got. Also have a bunch of different types of reusable nappies that we'll have a go with after using disposables for the first while.

Going for a hospital birth. MsWza works in a hospital and is totally at ease with the environment, so shouldn't be phased by that and can concentrate on the job in hand. It's close by, too, so minimal rigmarole getting to and from. The idea of being at home if anything drastic needs to happen is just... :scream: Can imagine being at home for a second birth would be less daunting.

Long rambling post, but one more thing: shout out to the midwives! They've all been mega.


Mrs Stack and I went and did a hypnobirthing class which was great and not remotely 'crystals and shit'. We had a planned home birth and the breathing techniques and approaches to the birth we learned helped Mrs Stack immensely. Just my two cent though. Mrs Chuff must do what she feels happiest with. Good luck, it's fucking brillianrt on the other side :grinning:


Loved hearing about yr homebirth, ours was lovely too :slight_smile:


What a nice name. Mega congrats you guys and big love to yr fams :grinning:


£180! Fuck me. We literally paid twice that... bloody London :confused:


DiSparents: what's the best cheapo lightweight buggy/stroller? Thinking in terms of travel (airports maybe?) Any help would be very welcome!


I use cheekywipes too (y)



(We paid £200 for the course and £57 for membership.)


cheers man. Was yours a planned one? I was so overwhelmed by the whole expereince, & it so much better than the first.


"Long rambling post, but one more thing: shout out to the midwives! They've all been mega."

Second this. Literally couldn't have done it without them :grinning: But yea, they were awesome.

(Except for one who never looked at me when talking, even when I asked the question. Was all aimed at my wife)


This one has done a job for us...


Yeah we planned for it and kept our fingers crossed, thankfully we got to see it through. Was lovely, We got to stay together that night and crucially were eating a dominoes and drinking a bottle of bolly 2hrs afterward! Nice when we're vegging out in the front room to go 'hey, this is where it happened!'


Brill, thank you that looks bang on.


To add to this though - this has no sun shade so you'd need a parasol. The parasol I used last year in Spain did my head in evne though it's one of the more expensive ones and it broke in no time, they all seem crap to be honest. I've looked at universal canopies but even the one on amazon that says fits buggies without canopies like this one it doesn't! So look into canopies or parasols first or you might end up spending even more on one of those than the buggy.


Very helpful thank you. Have you since found a good combo?


No, my mate has a buggy to give me that I'll check out but it looks a little hefty (the one I borrowed last time was good but I can't remember what it was, sorry!)

Never heard of this site but it has this one cheap and it has a little canopy so you could attach a bigger universal canopy to it if needed...