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Actually, look, ASDA have a combo deal on that first buggy with a rain cover and a parasol for £24, probably going to get that for my next holiday in that case, even if the parasol breaks again at least I won’t feel bad about dumping it out there and lightening the load luggage wise on the return…


All of this is so helpful, thanks everyone!


School applications - a reminder…

Might just be me and Balonz doing this for primary schools (if you’ve not done your secondary yet then you’ve fucked it as they were supposed to be in back in October or some crazy shit) but the application deadline is the end of this week.

Ended up applying for four out of our maximum six preference choices. Would be fairly happy with her going to any of them tbh tbf. The last school visit we did was to a school with no school uniform which felt positively continental.

Just three months now to fret over the idea that I have somehow messed up our online application so that’s something to look forward to…


We’re doing that too - deadline on Sunday iirc

it’s a flipping nightmare and we might not even be in the same area come September


Today is D-Day! (Due date).

No signs as yet.


Where are you applying? Confident of getting your first choice?

We are thinking of moving in a couple of years ourselves so planning for potentially the next 15 years or so is pretty tricky…


I’m not telling a public forum where my kid may or may not go to school :slight_smile:

Not the first choice - in fact it’s so unlikely we’ll get it that I’m not even sure it’s worth putting down. Would be happy with second choice and though they weren’t oversubscribed last year, they’re small and now Good, so could be fuller this year. Third choice is good but big and worried our little one would be a bit lost amongst that many kids. 4th, 5th and 6th are all ok, but we have issues with each of them, they’re mainly there to stop us being bumped out of the area or given the Harris academy which is nearest but we hated.


I wasn’t asking for the school name (!) just the area. Our top choice was formally the most oversubscribed state school in the country - last year the catchment area was 250 metres :unamused:


Ah yes, that makes more sense.

Haringey - none of the community schools are as bad as 250 m but a lot are below 500m


6th choice? Primary school? In a catchment area you’re in?

What? Are you in an area with 6+ schools with their catchment areas all overlapping?

When you were all talking about choices, I thought that meant you were on about putting in a request for a place at a school which you weren’t in the catchment area of.

Like, explain this to me in very very basic terms, please. Thanks.


A guide here, for our local borough:

Basically, lots of schools are oversubscribed, so you have to put down a number of them in your application.


You’re in Manchester, right? I pass on most stuff to charities but if I have anything you want then you’d be welcome to it!


Okaaaay. This is freaking my nut.

According to that document, there are 50-odd primary schools in a basic catchment area. And you’re supposed to evaluate them and apply for some. The whole thing looks like an absolute shambles.

I just checked the Glasgow info. - Sure, if you’re a special snowflake or whatever you can fill in a form with supporting info requesting to go to a specific school. But “It is customary for children to attend their local primary school.

Bosh yer address into here to find out which one of either the ~100 non-denominational schools, the ~50 Catholic schools, or the 2 Gaelic primary schools you’re in the catchment for, and that’s pretty much it.



The are 50-odd schools in the borough. That’s completely different to the catchment area.

The catchment area of a school is just the region bounded by a circle that’s big enough to contain enough kids to fill their reception class.

In many cases, people will live outside of school catchment areas, or will live within a number of schools’ catchment areas.

For numerous reasons, the closest school might not be the most appropriate one to attend (ease of travel, sibling attendance, moving house etc).

This method (listing six choices, with various criteria for acceptance) was brought in because you ended up with the situation where parents could effectively ‘buy’ their kids into a certain school by purchasing a house that was guaranteed to fall within the catchment area, and you ended up with certain schools having tiny catchment areas, and other, less desirable ones, with large catchment areas. Scotland still has the latter situation…


Mate, all I’m seeing here is too many words, and way waaay too much choice. Keep it.


This still happens in England to a certain extent, but the system is designed to mitigate its effects:


secondary schools

Please stay on topic. That said…

Edinburgh, Aberdeen and East Dunbartonshire

I refer you to my earlier hashtaggery.

And from your example:

“If there are more applications than there are places available at a school, we will use the following criteria, in priority order, to decide who should be offered a place.
Priority 1 – Looked After Children or Children ‘At Risk’
Priority 2 – Medical or social reasons
Priority 3 – Siblings
Priority 4 – School Staff Children
Priority 5 – Distance”

So after completely reasonable extenuating special circumstances are taken into account (which would be the case in your example and mine), housing location is gonna be the determinant. So this choice thing where you pick and list 6 from 50 looks to be very much like a smokescreen.


It affects Glasgow and its suburbs too, and primary schools feed into secondary, so the two are tied.

Housing location is the determinant if a school is oversubscribed. If it’s not oversubscribed, then if you choose to send your kids there, then you can. Choosing to send your kids to a school that is undersubscribed is unlikely to happen with this government’s lack of funding of the school system and rising school populations, but that hasn’t always been the case.

As a principle, I don’t like the idea of choice in schooling - coupled with league tables I think it exaggerates and entrenches disparities between schools, disadvantaging kids born to less pushy parents or those with less free time to visit them.



…in East Dunbartonshire. Which we’re already covered.

Housing location is the determinant if a school is oversubscribed. If it’s not oversubscribed, then if you choose to send your kids there, then you can.

Agreed. That’s basically the case everywhere. Which we’ve already covered.

As a principle, I don’t like the idea of choice in schooling

Glad we agree. And yet, somehow, it seems like you’re trying very hard to point out how wrong I am about something when all I’ve really said is that the idea of picking and ranking 6 primary schools from 50 looks like an absolute shambles.


this weekend we’re doing a bit of a toy/clothing clear out so if there’s any manc based DiSsers in need of anything then post on here and happy to try to help. Like Scout we normally just pass stuff on to charity shops.