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I’m not sure why you’re being so weird about this. You asked for an explanation of the system, which I gave, and you seem to have taken it as an insult to Scotland.


What age is it for? May be interested!


Have a re-read through the posts. You’ve taken it to that place entirely on your own, big man. Chill.


depends but probably 0-2 boy and maybe a some 0-1 girl stuff. quite a lot of stuff is unisex. we’ll have a sort out this weekend and put aside the charity shop stuff and i’ll ping you a message about anything that might be useful


Just finished the application and then it throws a need to provide documents at me, specifically a gas or electric bill. I don’t have either because they’re online and good energy’s online account portal is down.

It’s not entirely clear I need to supply them before the deadline as it didn’t ask for them before I submitted.

Anyone know if they’re needed before the deadline or can I upload them after I’ve got in touch with the gas co?


If it’s the same as my borough, then you have two weeks past the deadline for applications to submit any additional documentation.

That said, if there’s any doubt then phone and ask. My council were asking for my original child benefit letter which I don’t have, but a quick call revealed that there are alternative documents they will accept.


8th June for us, finding out the sex on Tuesday :slight_smile:


Panic over, good energy were, er, good over the phone and have emailed the bill :slight_smile:


That must make for some odd issues. I seem to remember our school’s catchment area was done by distance from the front gate. Which seems fair enough but the extensive playing grounds could make people who were literally neighbours into the catchment of some other shitty school. Or railway lines can make a “short” journey actually be a 2 mile trip around the nearest bridge.


Cheers guys, I’m actually in London now and fortunately I’m already being deluged with stuff that people are trying to get rid of!


Looks like MiniWza has arrived (congrats @TheWza, best wishes to you and your family!!)



Congrats WZza!


Ta! :grin: Planik is part of the Triban cycling crew: spreading the word is in the job description. 's cool.

There was a 10 hr period of contractions in one bed hospital side room, without any decent drugs, but waiting for near full dilation so we could to go to the actual delivery room. That was pretty gruelling. We were in the delivery room with gas & air and full time midwife attention for three hours or so until MiniWza made her grand arrival. Or exit, depending on how you look at it. Was kinda bricking it during the last 10 minutes leading up to the big moment, to be honest. Intense times. MsWza was an absolute trooper.

Another shout out to midwives. :raised_hands: They’re brilliant. As we’re all the other staff involved.

Speaking of which, the midwife totally out-indied us. Björk was playing* and we were talking about her recent VR exhibition we’d seen in Thatlondon, and then the midwife was like, yeah, I saw that, too… in Iceland. :joy:

*mtftsb - here are the albums that soundtrack to the delivery: Nina Persson (Animal Heart), Kurt Vile (B’lieve I’m Goin Down…), Soak (Before We Forgot How To Dream), Björk (Biophilia), Lou Barlow (Brace The Wave), Arbouretum (Coming Out Of The Fog). - So so so glad we took a bluetooth speaker along. Totally changed the vibe of an intense atmosphere, which wouldn’t have been the case with Smooth FM, which was the default background muzak when we rolled in. :frowning::weary:


that’s so fucking cool - congratulations to you all and all the best!


Excellent stuff.

(that probably means that the midwife was at the Airwaves festival - major indie points)


Congrats! We have a little speaker to take with us, will need to check the playlist but I think it’s pretty good (if a little Hamilton soundtrack heavy…)


Congrats guys!

It surprised me how the last thing I wanted to hear was music during labout - I shouted at my friend who put music on in the car and was surprised at how much it made me angry and stressed. Wish it didn’t though :frowning: I played her Sugacubes as soon as she was born though.


Good work!

Got our midwife hooked on the K&D sessions during my wife’s delivery…


Hey gang,

So, I’m an official member of Dadsnet at last. It’s been an incredibly tough week or so. We went into hospital last Monday night when Mrs HYG’s water’s broke and it seemed like contractions were really kicking off. But we went all through Tuesday with nothing happening, and eventually they decided to move us from the lovely friendly Birth Centre to a labour ward to get some doctor attention. Eventually, utterly knackered, at 10.15 on Wednesday morning, after an epidural and various other things, hip_very_young_gunslinger was born. AND THEN was almost immediately taken down to NICU to have a canula fitted and be put on a course of antibiotics, in case of infection since my wife had a temperature for parts of labour. Ended up spending another five days in hospital to finish the course of antibiotics, the first three nights of which were on a shared maternity ward… impossible to sleep, crap food, the absolutely most horrendous thing we’ve ever been through. Especially when she also needed jaundice treatment…

Anyway, cam home Monday night, a week after going in. Surreal to have her back. She seems happy enough though, finding it impossible to feed her enough without supplementing with bottle (which we had to do during jaundice treatment), had one good night with lots of sleep, and one without any. Back to work next Tuesday :frowning:



Many congratulations. Don’t worry about breast vs bottle: whatever works, works.