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Coming to Fenino then?


Did the shared ward thing for 3 nights too I think, just because they wouldn’t let us leave until she latched onto the breast, which she would not do!

Yeah, fucking nightmare and the only thing that made it marginally bearable was literally being able to walk from bedside to our house in 10 minutes so I could get stuff and go back and forth :frowning:


Managed to move to a private room for the last two. my mate bought over an airbed so I could finally lie down somewhere. Still next to no sleep, but a bit more comfortable.


For £150 a night of course.


Well spent, tbf.


Yeah, Mrs HYG was on the verge of panic attacks prior to it, so it had to be done.


Christ, sounds fucking rough.

Glad everything’s okay now. Best wishes to everyone hyg!


Congrats! We had a fortnight in NICU waiting for the latch as he was prem. Really quite fond memories of those warm relaxing days. We were only allowed to stay the last two nights in some sort of acclimatisation room.


Well done! Take good care of yourselves - as warny said whatever works for you in terms of feeding…you could try pumping as well as breastfeeding to top up if you wanted to reduce formula but that is even more knackering for poor Mrs hyg…



Congratulations :slight_smile: it sounds really similar to my sister’s birthday experience… Horrendous but baby hyg is safe and home. Much love to you and the family.

PS chance of extending your pat leave?


Sounds very similar to us, although we weren’t in for quite as long. The shared ward was a nightmare. So loud and so busy. I remember thinking ‘everything will be a piece of piss compared to this’, and it has been. Those first few days were hellish.

The hospital were good on the whole, but trying to get out of there was such a mission. Most of the midwives were contractors, so you’re begging someone to let you leave, then they disappear. Felt like I was going round in circles. So very frustrating.


And, sorry, congratulations!!! x


Niche question here…

We’re finding that there’s a stretch of time every day lasting 3 - 4 hours when she’s awake and won’t settle and all she seems to want to do it feed (usually happens about midnight, which isn’t ideal, but that’s another topic). Mrs HYG understandably struggles to keep up so we’ve been topping up with a bottle feed at this time. I had been using the nice and easy Cow & Gate ready set up bottles and teats, which were pretty handy for a moment’s notice, now we have some Tommy Tippee bottles and have to go through the rigmarole of sterilising them. Sadly, the sterilising box thing fits in the microwave but is too big to spin when it’s in there, so now I’m paranoid that it won’t work. We have a cold water sterilising solution thing as well, but that seems like even more hassle. And another thing - say we put 3 bottles in the steriliser and microwave them, it says if you keep it sealed they’re good for four hours or so. But if I open it to take one out, presumably the two others are now non-sterilised and will have to go through again - so I might as well just do one at a time? Or am I being totally paranoid?


We currently use mam bottles for an evening feed which are self-sterilising in the microwave - you build them a certain way with some water in the bottom and blast them for 3 mins. You can then build them back and they’ll stay sterilised, so could feasible do 2 or 3 at a time, but it’s quick enough to sterilise on demand. Think you can get them at Asda for a reasonable price.

I’d recommend those before you get a new microwave/wet-nurse!


This is fairly standard first parent paranoia stuff.

To answer your first question - presumably the steriliser is one of those ones to works by adding water before putting it in the microwave? If so, it shdould be fine if it doesnt spin as it’s just heat sterilising - it’s not like you’re coming something.

As for the second question - I never worried about this but I know my missus did. By the time number two came along however she had completely chilled out about it. Some people don’t actually sterilise at all I have since discovered.


That looks quite smart - curse Tommy Tippee for domineering the shelf space!


Cheers, yeah it’s just water in the bottom so guess it makes sense that as long as that heats, even if it’s not even, it’s still going to work.

I guess we only really ever need one at a time so it’s not worth stressing about the others getting “contaminated”, just seems like a design flaw?


obviously just buy one if you’re tempted to see if they’re happy with the teat. but yeah we’ve found them to be pretty good.


The way I saw it, if they’re sterilised after the microwave run there’s not much that’s going to happen to them afterwards to contaminate them so they are actually fine for ages (at least 24 hours the way I used to work it :sunglasses: ). I think the most important thing is basically making sure that they are clean of old milk as that is where bacteria can grow…


We never bottle fed but we had to sterilise syringes and did that in a cold water steriliser (they can warp under heat you see). Absolutely no hassle whatsoever - just fill it with water, some of the liquid and whatever you are sterilising, put the lid on and leave - but I think it tastes a little rank.