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Oh god, that stuff is particularly vile.

Syringe followed by chocolate milk worked for us, with the whole thing padded in much explanation and encouragement and reminding of the forthcoming chocolate milk. The night time ones were horrible though - you all have my sympathy

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I cant remember what flavour we used - it looks pretty gross after you’ve stirred the meds in anyway…and a week of penicillin smelling nappies. Urgh.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices this!

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Only a few more days of antibiotics and ear drops for Jimbo to go now. He’s mostly back to himself and doesn’t really need any pain killers any more.

The only thing that’s happened that we didn’t really get any warning of was his voice - He’s talking very nasally, like there’s a big hole in his soft palate (he had his adenoids out as well as his tonsils, which sit just behind the soft palate). Googling, it seems that this can happen, and should clear up on it’s own, but right now it’s a bit scary. We can only just about understand him, and that’s because we know him. Fingers crossed it clears up soon because right now it feels like a real setback in his development. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much.

Anyone else been through a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy who might have some reassuring advice?