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Oh god, that stuff is particularly vile.

Syringe followed by chocolate milk worked for us, with the whole thing padded in much explanation and encouragement and reminding of the forthcoming chocolate milk. The night time ones were horrible though - you all have my sympathy

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I cant remember what flavour we used - it looks pretty gross after you’ve stirred the meds in anyway…and a week of penicillin smelling nappies. Urgh.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who notices this!

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Only a few more days of antibiotics and ear drops for Jimbo to go now. He’s mostly back to himself and doesn’t really need any pain killers any more.

The only thing that’s happened that we didn’t really get any warning of was his voice - He’s talking very nasally, like there’s a big hole in his soft palate (he had his adenoids out as well as his tonsils, which sit just behind the soft palate). Googling, it seems that this can happen, and should clear up on it’s own, but right now it’s a bit scary. We can only just about understand him, and that’s because we know him. Fingers crossed it clears up soon because right now it feels like a real setback in his development. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much.

Anyone else been through a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy who might have some reassuring advice?

Currently going through what some reading around tells us is 18 month sleep regression. Averaged 3-4 hours broken sleep a night over the last week, and according to what we’ve read, this stage could last upto six weeks :scream:

It’s coincided with some noticeabley big developments and O becoming much more manageable/fun during the day. All of which is ace…but the payback is that the nights are horrendous :slightly_frowning_face:

Completely unable to self-settle once she stirs, won’t even tantrum to exhaustion and then pass out, screams the house down for literally hours, but happily goes to sleep with a cuddle within 5 minutes. Try and put her back down and it’s back to square one.

We’re both utterly exhausted. On the flipside I am catching up on sports that usually mount up on the box and films. Watched Pulp Fiction for the first time in years at about 4am the other day…


Remember that one well.

Do you have the Wonder Weeks book? Found that was always absolutely bang on for all these developmental stages.

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I loved the app of this (plus its free). Really helped me realise what was going on and found it fascinating.

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Rosie has started trying to put our fingers in her mouth which is funny and cute.

Did our first swimming class with Puddle Ducks on Saturday which she coped well with and was good fun for me.


Yep, app has been really helpful for us

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we also found that the wonder weeks aligned fairly well for us.

our sleep regression at around 18 months lasted for about another 18 months!

well, not completely true but definitely went a long way backwards and then slowly improved over a long period of time.

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My youngest has just recently figured out that, bar a timeout, we have very little in our arsenal for dealing with her when she doesn’t listen. Last night she was jumping on her bed, and TV asked her to get down - and she didn’t. So I said “right, time out” and she stopped, look me dead in the eye and said slowly “oh-kay th-en”, and walked off without a fight. Was proper like “oh, aye ye will? fine then”.

Pretty good fun.


Yeah, M looks at me to see how I’m going to finish my sentence knowing that I don’t want to go through with any of the threats of early bedtime (at 2pm, obviously not going to happen). That said I’ve realised she’s absolute prime age to bribe with Father Christmas is watching you, and September is a reasonable month to start using it. It’s worked everytime, I’m sure this is a terrible way to parent but I don’t care, it’s a very limited time bribe/threat and I’m going to milk it for all its worth.


Oh yeah, this is a very good point, not being using it too much.

Last year J asked me how we told Santa how bad or good they’d been, and I said that there was an app on parents’ phones we can send messages to him. This lead to her having massive anxiety anytime the phones came out - “are you messaging him?” - endlessly.

My parents used this all year round. It didn’t affect me. eye twitches

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Our youngest is really entering the defiant refusal stage. They bawl uncontrollably when timed out, promises never to do it again then thirty seconds later has a malevolent grin on their face before kicking the cat and gobbing at me.

Currently have a pretty good thing going of counting to five and saying R has to do something by the time I have finished counting, don’t even have to say there is a consequence if he doesn’t comply. BUT I forgot that this is the solution to a lot of things and hardly remember to do it, and I have to be incredibly specific with what I ask him as he will do the absolute bare minimum to fulfill the request - had to do like five counts yesterday to get him away from stropping in the hall way to get him to strop in the middle of the front room instead.

Using taking away a toy as a way to try get him out of specific bad behaviours, like trying to get him to stop playing with the curtains (he almost pulled one down, so zero tolerance on this now) - ignore me asking you not to, ok your toy ambulance is going away until you show me you can listen. Mixed success with this though and it feels kind of mean, I don’t know if it is bad.

Having a lot of trouble with him totally ignoring me when I ask questions though and it is getting really frustrating.

Also while I am venting, it takes him ages to get to sleep at the moment and it pretty much kills any chance I have of relaxing and de-stressing at the end of the day :frowning:

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Oh yes! I’ve been doing the count down from 5 and it’d been really effective, so obviously I used it for everything. R will still comply 75% of the time but it’s effectiveness is definitely reducing and a lot of the time they’ll be like “no, don’t do the counting” almost like he can’t control his compliance and doesn’t like it (which made me feel uncomfortable so I’ve chilled out a bit on it now)


Really annoying how effectiveness of things shifts all the time. Always having to adapt and I am rubbish at adapting.

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There should be a parenting manual with this title.

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This worked for me until a few months ago when I just started stalling at 4, reminding her again she had until 5 and a combination of her ceasing to care and me not saying 5 but changing the goal posts because I didnt actually know what I was going to do when I got to 5.


Also I read something about how they need to ignore you at this age, cant remember the reason but something about their brains being so engaged in other things and not knowing how to switch between what they’re doing and listening. I try to consider this when I’m getting angry BUT if I said I had chocolate for her she’d acknowledge that so fuck brain science.