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I bought him (me) the Lego Hulkbuster which I keep in a separate tub.

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We would have had to if my wife hadn’t been told to work from home as she’s a vulnerable person. Our childminder is doing 1 day a week, I’m doing 1 and she’ll be doing 3/WFH

Excitement is building in the Balonz household for the 9am Joe Wick’s workout!


Hey nursery-aged kids Dissers.

How is your nursery handling fees for the shutdown? Ours originally announced we’d pay for the rest of the month, then, if the kids weren’t attending, wouldn’t pay anything else from April until they returned, and their spots would remain open.

Today they emailed with an update, saying actually they want us to continue to pay 40% of our fees (unsure of how this takes into account free hours and stuff). I’d expected to pay a retainer or something and was happy to, to ensure they kept the staff etc, but some of the parents in our message group are kicking off a bit.

Just wondered what situations you people had!

Nursery (pre-school) hasn’t said anything. Breakfast club for my son has just emailed saying they would like a 25% retainer from people otherwise they might go out of business, or if you cancel you have a 4 weeks’ notice period.

We’re extremely fortunate in that our pre-school/breakfast club payments are term-time only, and so we’ve got two weeks before they’re off for two weeks and my wife is term-time so we don’t need support through easter. Plus we’re lucky that our expenditure is covered by vouchers out of our gross pay packet and so we don’t really notice the money going out, and so for the foreseeable future we’re happy to pay to support the businesses.

Completely appreciate that our situation is different from many and in the note we got from breakfast club they were very appreciative of the financial difficulties many will be having at the moment.

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We are paying full fees until they re-open. Guessing they aren’t cash rich enough to keep staff on and maintain the buildings otherwise.

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Our nursery is open at the moment but we’ve made a decision to keep her at home.

It’s going to keep costing us but we’re both in jobs that will keep paying us to work at home (although Wor Lass is off sick.)

Childminder has gone down to 2 days a week. My wife is isolating for 12 weeks so will be WFHimg and providing childcare. I’ll do childcare on my days off

Think we are going to start a family viewing of Taskmaster as a child friendly version is on at 6.00pm every night.


What channel?


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He said what channel

That’s Rich


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R just did 15 hours at preschool so was covered by funded hours. I don’t know if they still get paid that because they were forced to close, really worried for them and the wonderful staff if they aren’t getting anything in :frowning:

They weren’t even allowed to do key worker opening because of some technicality where they are housed in a hall attached to a social club, and when the club was forced to shut it meant they weren’t allowed to use their hall.

Going to be so sad if they go under, R isn’t even going back but they are a proper lovely community place and would be a huge loss to the area.

This went down an absolute storm with my seven year old last night. It was good fun (even though he gives me constant recaps of what just happened meaning we miss loads).

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How’s everyone else coping with kids at home? This was us before 8am :grimacing:

But since then we’ve discover Maddie (of Do You Know? Fame) on the official Lego YouTube channel explaining about Volcanoes, so I have a very happy boy indeed.


Semi successfully sticking to this. Not been too bad so far. Wish I wasn’t working though as that would make it much easier.


I like how there is a distinction between creative play and play.

We really need to attempt a schedule, but haven’t got further than a couple of weekly things pencilled in (Wednesday: pyjama day, Thursday: smoothie day)

He’s also stoically working his way through His Dark Materials. Not sure quite how much it’s sinking in, certainly some.

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