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Jimbo hasn’t got the attention span to focus on anything for a whole hour. Monday was tough, yesterday was more settled, today started too early - he’s normally be happy chilling with some tv for a bit in the morning, but he decided he wanted some “learning” way too early.

We have the issue of a baby as well. In the day he will only really sleep on my wife so that makes it hard to follow some of these times slots.

We all just have to do the best we can.

You have nice handwriting


It’s been tough for us so far - can’t really leave her to her own devices, and even when we’re focussing on something with her, her attention can wander pretty quickly. Trying to work and parent at the same time is basically doing neither, and I worry we’re not doing any educational at all. The best bits of our day have been going for big walks, which… yeah.

Hopefully when Mrs HYG’s schedule calms down we can get a better routine going where we’ll both block out hours where we focus on either her or work. If anyone has education resources for a 3 year old, let me know.

Also worried about feeding her properly, she had all her meals at nursery with a wide array of stuff, going to have to start getting more creative here.

G has made cheeky packs, one for her and one for R.

Including list of easy snacks to take, a place to keep your cheeky plan and a distraction fan (I assume to distract grownups during the execution of these plans)


It’s been… fine. A few rows (me and him, him and mum, me and mum) but generally not too bad.

We obviously had some idealistic vision of him sitting with us doing maths and phonics stuff while we worked, but it’s just not gonna happen. But he’s only in reception so guess we need to be realistic. We’re doing a few educational things, but also a lot of Minecraft and TV. He’s in my bed currently watching YouTube Kids while I get a head start on work stuff (and piss about on the internet obvs). I also printed a 200 page PDF at KallKwik before lockdown which has loads of maths and spelling challenges. That’s been great but they do complete them really quickly, and then want you to help them, or mark the sheet.

We’ve explored this little nature park which is a couple of streets away a couple of times. Nice and isolated and we pretend we’re looking for bokoblins.

So to summarise, we’re fine. Probably going to lose my fucking marbles after a couple more weeks though.

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The Child has been enjoying Mickey Mouse club on Disney + and every time I see the end credits I think of the Arrested Development chicken dance.

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Anyone else kids suffered from molluscum on their skin? My sons getting quite a lot of them. Supposedly harmless, but might get them checked out once the NHS have time for more trivial matters.

Any tips for getting a 2.5ish year old to eat their dinner? He’s always had a good appetite but recently he won’t even try some meals and just turns his head away. So maddening. Urge to punish is high but apparently that’s not the way. Currently trying just taking it through to living room and ignoring him… So far, for the first time today, he’s happily playing on his own without us having to be involved and watch. Not even looked at his dinner. The dug on the other hand is extremely interested in his dinner.

We have tried:

Pretending an invisible cat is eating the food when we hold out the fork and look away.

Letting her watch videos while she eats.

Letting her ignore the food while we eat but refusing to play music unless she eats.

Not letting her through to the front room until she’s finished.

Bribing her with dessert.

Singing the Waffle The Wonder Dog and Swashbuckled theme tunes while she eats.

Offering to feed her.

Some of these work sometimes. The Child is testing what she can get away with and the answer is usually, “loads.”


With the first we had the first year eating really well. Then four years of it being awful (although probably not as bad as some) . Then being good again. Caused more arguments and frustrations than anything else.

I have no useful advice. Fingers crossed my baby will do well.


Right now it mainly seems to be dinner. Breakfast and lunch go alright.

It is maddening.

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They’re tired by dinner. Load it up at lunch then offer small bit of dinner with some kind of bread and then fruit or yogurt is how we did it.
That way they’d eat a bit of something. Not going to starve, kids only generally eat what they need.

Edit to say but it is mad frustrating and annoying I know.


I have no answers but can certainly offer sympathy. We have a three year old and a five year old and we just can’t seem to fill them up. That is, until a plate of food is put in front of them and then it’s all wailing about ‘sore tummy’ and being ‘too tired’. Absolutely infuriating. Especially when one of them subsequently wakes up at 2am complaining of being hungry.


Anyone know about getting their kids to say sorry?

She is 7 on the weekend and is a total nightmare. If she does ANYTHING at all bad, like she throws a toy and it hits you, if you try to get her to say sorry she melts down and gets really angry. Basically she cannot deal with the possibility of being in the wrong. She starts yelling that she’s an idiot and really stupid and awful and she should die, etc. Really frustrating and upsetting :frowning:

Getting my son to eat his meals has probably been my main parenting bugbear. His eating is unpredictable and it just seems to be a total chore for him. It only started to improve when we decided to stop turning it into a standoff every evening and would just let him go without if he chose not to eat.


We need to go through several steps getting a Jimbo to apologise - acknowledging something has happened, then that it’s a bad thing that someone might feel sad about, Then that it was him that did it, then that because it was him he’ll need to apologise.

He’s a bit younger than seven though, so don’t know how they’d respond to this when they’re a bit older.

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Cheers. I guess she’ll get through it… We try but it’s clear she understands it’s a good way to fuck responsibility

Like the surrogate in Arrested Development?